Monday, October 5, 2015

Taste of Georgetown- Is it For Kids?

Taste of Georgetown-- under the bridge, by the water. Lots of sample foods from many restaurants.
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This was my first going since living in DC. I thought it was going to be an event for stuck up food snobs who think they are better than everyone else and those willing to join them. I am not going to lie about that preconceived notion. I mean, seriously, the last time I went to Georgetown was with my Nanya who came to DC to meet me for the first time ever. Everything there is super expensive and few people live there. I came because of and with a friend who really wanted to go and was in from New York. So my notion was based on the fact that I could never afford to either live there or shop there. I was wrong. It was anything but my original notion. Laid back, chill, activities for kids.

And even better yet, they help raise money for homeless ministries which has my heart. DC has many people who are sick, homeless, put out and this is a great cause! I will support a cause like this any day of the week!

It helped that as we walked up, two strangers gave each my kids a ticket for food because they were leaving and had the perfect amount. 1 for each. Which was good because I was not going to buy them a ticket- $15 for each of them to have a sample of something was not up my alley and could not justify that- not because I did not want to donate, but because I did not want meltdowns from my kids. Any mama knows why-- but in case you don't... the one thing you don't buy kids who like to be picky (and I have one of my kids in mind), you don't pay for them to sample complicated foods with many different flavours. Example, this child demands white bread instead of wheat- which drives me up the wall.  So I always pack snacks and food and rarely ever eat out.

So, Taste of Georgetown, my one critique is to have awesome samples for kids (that is more than a tiny bite). You will get more people that way.

Beyond that though, there were events were my kids could do something and my friend could go around and do her food tasting. It worked out perfectly. Everyone was happy.

For the Kiddos:

~ WETA giving away a free book to kids-- My kids always love free books and reading. But one of the ladies was a tad rude, honestly. Other than that they were nice- had a game, the spin wheel, and book characters who showed up.

~ The North Face having kiddos (and anyone) try to find the missing key to unlock their secret goodie bag. They even donated an item for my girl scouts and boy scouts for my door bell prize. They were super nice and pulling away my kids was not the easiest thing to do.

~ Dar Cars had a station with spatula, bag, and hand sanatiser give away. But more then that, they had a decorate a mini pumpkin and take station. Which even the adults got into. My kids LOVED it. They were amazing and donated 45 pumpkins to my girl scouts and boy scouts to decorate which was amazing because I SO badly wanted to take my girls to a pumpkin patch- and now I can bring it to them. The closest patch is not super close.

~ Facepainting. It was a home improvement company I am spacing the name on but they had someone face paint and of course, the kids wanted to do that!

All in all, this was a great event for kids-- more than I expected. And my friend was happy getting her food samples and having fun. I really appreciated this because parents want to do adult things too like doing this festival and having something for the kids makes all the difference in the world.

Also, if the kids did get bored, they could go on the green area and play on the grass by the water.

Win, win for all! We plan to go next year.

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