Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sign Up for a Fun Day of Ice Skating in the DMV

Our girl scout troop loves to ice skate! In fact, we have done it several years in a row. So it is a yearly tradition. You don't need any skill level to join because you can learn as you are here with us!

This year, we are partnering with Fort Dupont to give you deal that you can't resist because it really is the best! I checked into prices for simple ice skating and the cheapest in the area I could find was $10 an hour and you get 2 hours for $15 plus a free Holiday show if you want, and a TON of goodies to go with it!

If you want to join us, and don't have a troop, we would love to have you! If you aren't looking for a troop and want to join us, of course you can! We are open to having you join us!

Feel free to ask me questions, comment below and ask whatever is easiest and I will answer them for you!

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