Monday, November 14, 2016

What is Being Commisssioned?

Do you love board games? We sure do at my house! We've been playing Commissioned from Chara Games during a few of our family game nights.

Commissioned {Chara Games}

This game definitely is not for younger kids than 10 years old for sure. Even for me the game was one that you had to have a lot of background in. So basically, it was harder for me to understand.

You open the box and it is well done in terms of how it looks and feels. It's a well put together game-- not like some of the cheapo brands that like to cut corners. They do a very good job at quality control.

I found it myself hard to understand the concept of the game. As did my kids. We tried to play it a few times and had a hard time. I think it is one of those things that practice makes perfect in terms of getting to know and being able to play the game. I had to have a friend read it for me who is not only a fast reader but has extensive knowledge both in being a missionary and also every historical and religious historical things.

He said it was like a combo of strategy and luck. That the faith cards were more like luck. A lot like the election-- those faith cards are getting thrown around a lot now. I digress.

Commissioned {Chara Games}

So what is the game?

Commissioned is a missionary strategy game. 

Based on an ancient map of the eastern Mediterranean, the world of the biblical Acts of the Apostles. 

Players can choose different scenarios, the first one being "Acts of the Apostles" and the other being key scenes from the biblical Acts. Each scenario can have a different board setup. 

Each person acts as an Apostle, moving missionaries and church members across the board. Each apostle has different base faith cards, with more added. These faith cards have many different effects on other cards, churches, and so on. You then face trials, pray to use faith cards, and share to convince the Elder Apostle how they should use these cards. Sometimes players have to act in silence, though, depending on the role of the dice. 

Missionaries and church members move across the board, to different cities and locations, sometimes using a ship, or locations with churches. Each scenario has a different goal, but overall you try to spread churches across the map. Trials can stop growth, remove church members, reduce church population, or move around pieces. 

Everything is based on different quotes from the New Testament, and based on stories of mission and growth. 

Lots of upfront learning, but a lot of chance, too, with the faith cards driving the action. Not as much strategy that you think, just lots of effects that could happen. God (faith) is definitely driving this game! Lots depends on luck. Less free will to make decisions for strategy. 

 I also am getting the priviledge of being able to review 3 Seeds when it comes out soon!

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Commissioned {Chara Games}

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