Friday, February 3, 2017

Create VS Copy

There was something very intriguing about this book that I wanted to read it. Drawn to it, if you will.

"But more than just having the capacity to be creative, we also have a responsibility to be creative".

To go on, they use the quote from Madeleine L'Engle, famed author of A Wrinkle in Time...

and this is beautiful...

"But unless we are creators we are not fully alive.
What do I mean by creators? Not only artists, whose acts of creation are the obvious ones of working with paint or clay or words.
Creativity is a way of living life, no matter our vocation or how we earn our living. Creativity is not limited to the arts or having some kind of important career."

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Some more quotes from the book are:

"Though we often use creativity, we only partially understand it and we rarely intentionalise it!"

"It's a honest admission that we all have been shaped by a thousand hands and much of our creative energy takes inspiration from what we have seen, experienced and appreciated." 

At the end of each chapter or part, they give more resources on where you can go to study more the concepts he presents. I think that is pretty cool.

He also gives concept questions whether you are by yourself or in a group to be reflection upon so you can apply to your daily life.

This is written for those that aren't naturally creative and accept creativity for all it is... it is written for those that are educated and need the inspiration to add it to their lives, some in the most simplistic of ways...

This reads more like a paper. Maybe one that would get turned into a professor. Nothing short of great stuff in here and great research behind it. The ideas are well thought out with proof of back up.

The only thing that gets me is who it is written for--- who is it written for? Is there a way to make it spiritual but not as much biblical focused? It is actually not too bad in this realm but could use some tweaking for a broader audience of reach.

What I really like about this book is the ability through story telling to be able to prove that creativeness can come from the way we parent our teenagers just as much as it is to paint a picture or come up with the next bill in congress. There is much to be created...

This novice concept can change our minds about what it means to be creative.

YOU have even created and been creative! 

What do you do think of that? Would you call yourself a creative person? I think that is the point of this book in so many words....

The best part of this book, or at least one of the best parts is page 48 to 51 where he gives you ideas on what to do to challenge yourself to be more creative. Whether it is:
1) Changing Your Patterns
2) Draw More
3) Rediscover the mission
4) Create history log
5) Speed up interactions

He even goes through the practical side of tenets...
1) Imagination
2) Intentional Creativity
3) Innovation

Here is the bottom line...

It's great for more opening a discussion on the background of the theology or practice of creativity, because for a spiritual class. I would not say that it is written in a easily accessible fashion that people who don't like to read college papers or books by professors would want to read. That being said, I read it, so I think most college educated people (or those that like educational points of view on a subject) would like it.

It is more dry than creative-- but not in the ways you expect.

If it were a college paper I would give it an A+ or five stars for being able to state a well thought out argument and being able to defend it well with great thought pieces that can change the view points of many people. However, as a book that is to reach the masses, it gets less stars. It seems to miss the mark somewhere. And there are times that it feels more dense than it should.

"Embrace Change, Ignite Creativity, Break through with imagination" is on the cover of the book... but it doesn't  necessarily say how to do this.... Therefore, it is more like a philosophical paper (trying to be) inspiring to finding that within yourself.

It is actually a very interesting read... but because of the more educational and philosophical and researched based approach rather than more the motivational approach, it is less appealing to a broader group of people EVEN if it does, which it does, have some amazing points and concepts.

Therefore, I give it 🔵🔵🔵 of five.

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