Tuesday, October 17, 2017

5 Bean Mix That is Super Easy to Do

Today we are going to talk about how to make your own bean soup mix that is easier than baking a cake. Yes, you read that right, easier than baking a cake!

This is the way they used to do beans way back before stores caught on and decided to market the easiness of making your own 5 bean soup and make money off of you!

It can be hard to find things that are vegan and high in protein that you can vary with your diet. Not that I vegan, because I am not. But this is helpful for those that are.

This is like how your grandmother used to make it because it is not pre-bought or in a can. And to be honest, you may be thinking, "oh my gosh! This is going to take forever to do!" But really, it won't. Most of the things you have to "do" that takes time, you don't have to be micromanaging the process which is nice.

For example, if you soak the beans overnight, you are not doing anything but just letting them sit. And when you cook them, I found, I could walk off and do other things in the process. Or make another meal at the same time, which I did.

You can also just make the mix and give as a gift or put in a container for when you want to do want to have your 5 bean mix ready to go to add to a soup, chilli or as an addition or side to your meal.

Also, note, that you can add to the crockpot before going to work or cook while you are at home. Take it from someone who has worked at family housing units at a university (college) that if you leave on the stove and leave, you CAN catch your house on fire that way.

Little back story:
While working at this University Village, I walked past a first-floor apartment. There was what seemed to be a lot of smoke in the apartment, but thankfully no one was home. I knocked with no answer. Then I touch the doorknob and it was hot! Like, really hot! Knowing about fires, and that oxygen fuels them, I did not attempt to open the door. Instead, I called the fire department. I am very glad I did. The entire apartment was completely full of smoke. Once they got it taken care of, the fire department checked back in with me since I was on duty at the time. The family had left a pot with cooking beans on the stove when they left and the water was all gone because it had boiled itself out of the water. The entire ceiling in the apartment had burn marks on it.

I am super duper glad I caught it and saved a lot of apartments from having a major fire... just from a pot of beans.

So, the morale of the story, do NOT use a pot on the stove like a crock pot. Your neighbours are already thanking you! But do cook while you already home because there is little maintenance you have to keep up while they cook.
5 bean mix:

1/3 cup dry mix of:

Black Beans
Northern Beans
Pinto Beans
Garbanzo Beans
Gazpacho Beans

How to Make it:

* Mix the beans together

* Soak them overnight, you don't have to do anything!

* Cook them on med-high for about 45 minutes

* Drain Them

* Add them to any dish

Need Dish Ideas??

Here are some!

Holiday Chili Recipe (with an awesome spicy kick)
Super Bowl Kid Approved Easy Chili
Super Bowl Beef Chorizo & Black Bean Spicy Chili

Let me know what kind of bean recipes you would like to see on the blog and I will give them a try!


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