Home School

Whether you do traditional home school, K12 programs, co ops, the trend is growing and is very fruitful. Here I will have many topics, ideas, crafts, lessons, and so much more! 

I home school my 3 children. 

* Reviews and Ideas by Subject Matter *

Quick Snack Pack+Recycle-How-To Make in Minutes

A Great Audiobook Adventure: Bringing Ancient Egypt to Life
The Secret Bridge
Same Kind of Different As Me for Kids
The Rainbow Egg
Complete Help for Apps/ Homework
K 5 Learning Review (mainly reading and math)
Planet 316- A Daily Jigsaw Application For Kids

Handbook for Writers- A True K-12 (& Beyond) Resource
Learning English Can Be Fun? Like Uno? Yes, Please!

Kitchen Arts
Kid's Easy Trail Mix

Language Arts
Reign of Terror
Complete Curriculum in Language Smarts for Critical Thinking
Oprhs of the Woodlands: The Treasure of Hightower

The Sword in the Tree-- A Great E-Guide

Math Essentials
Times Tables the Fun Way
2 Ways to A+ Interactive Math
Is LearnBop Actually Worth It for Summer Review?
Is there Magic and Wonder to be Had in Multiplication?
Math Made Easy For All Your Kids

Ultimate Phonetics- How Ultimate Is It?


What is Your First Thought When You Think of Stars?


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