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Be Prepared with This Safety Bandana

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It's a beautiful thing to see other scout leaders around the country be able to be resourceful and "make the world a better place" by coming out with products that fit so well what we need.

In this case, Tanya Spann Roche created Safety Bandana, which is what I am reviewing.

In a day in age where everything is on the smart phone, we often forget what happens when we no longer have reception or even if the battery runs out when we are out on a hike or camping in the woods.

Actually, it did happen to me, even a prepared leader, when I went on a camping trip in the middle of West Virginia and didn't realise that we would not have reception. Thankfully I wrote all the directions down because I am.... prepared!

So that is why I love the idea of the Safety Bandana because it is like written instructions that you can wear. You can utilise this bandana for more uses than just having them written in a book or on a sheet of paper. Who walks around on a hike with books at the ready to read for stuff like this? There isn't anything better then the instructions written on a bandana, which by the way, has so so many uses and is such a scout staple to have!

About the Safety Bandana:
* 100% Cotton
* Eco Friendly Ink
* Designed by a scout leader in America
* Made and printed in America as well

What is on the Bandana:
* First Aid
* Outdoor Safety
* Weather
* Campfire Safety and Tips
* Shelter
* Food and Water
* How to Get Found
* Backpack Essentials
* Spot for tic tac toe with stones and twigs

Other Tips:
* For Free Shipping on two or more, use the code "TwoPacks".
* Also, scout leaders, there is a discount when you order for your whole troop!
* You can help donate 5% of the net sales from your purchase as well by typing in BS for Boy Scouts, GS for Girl Scouts, WW for Wounded Warriors, or NP for National Park Service.

^ That is cool! What a way to give back too! ^

My Daughter's Reaction:
* "OOOH. It tells you how to do things!"
* Wants to wear every day at camp starting next week
* I like it comes in different colours
* It has different images
* It's neatly written
* I like that it explains how to do things
* They catergorise everything
* Has fun games and camping tips
* Ready for Use
* Tells you how to use bandanas

My Reactions:
* Everything my daughter said and this...
* Nicely Folded
* Great Quality
* Supports a Girl Scout Leader and Mum
* Lives up to the Scout Oath and Law
* Great Tips

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- Come enter once or daily
- Once you are picked as the winner, you must respond via email
- Good luck!

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* I received this product in exchange for my honest review and for the giveaway from SafetyBandana-- opinions are my own *

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