Monday, November 23, 2015

In Time For the Holidays: Herbal S+S Soaps {Product Review}

I am excited! I got a smelly surprise in the mail! The good kind I promise!

Very soothing in smell. Organic. Takes me to the fields or meadows twirling in a beautiful light coloured gown. *sniffs in again* What is it?

From Ginger Smith in Kentucky, hand made, is herbal soaps! She is hand making soaps from her company formerly known as Sailboat Soaps now to S+S Soaps.

I waited to post this in time for the holidays because this is just THAT awesome and such a perfect present for anyone you know that wants it.  That way you could buy from her just in time for the holidays- forget Black Friday in the stores - just order from her and really surprise your family or friends with this awesome pick!

What I am getting to review today is 4 half bars of soaps + a lip balm.

I am telling you, just having them in the package and smelling them is *super* soothing. If you have a stressful day, you can just have one of her products with you and smell it and it will instantly calm you. I think that is with anything herbal but the fact that it is so fragrant, I absolutely love! It is a beautiful smell, nothing over the top or "too much" in smell. Just like you are in a beautiful still moment.

I am LOVING it. It is like there is one for different moods too. It leaves you feeling clean and there is nothing like washing your body with soap that you know is organic, well made, locally made, you support someone in a small business, it smells great, does great for your body, and you just leave your shower feeling awesome and beautiful! It sounds souped up, but it is not. Nothing beats that feeling. Especially after chasing kids around all day and cleaning up after them. All mums should have this in their stockings! Husbands, perfect pick for a small little stocking stuffer. *hint hint*.

But, it must be expensive, right? Nope.
If you look at her Etsy shop, you will see that soaps are $3-4 each and the lip balm is $1.50.
All I have to say is shopping here could get dangeros for me.

If you click below-- you can order directly for those products, see the reviews on her etsy shop.

Also, this is from her Etsy shop right now-- "Order before December and get a free lotion stick or a mega lip balm with every purchase! (Specify if you would like a lotion stick or lip balm in the note section when placing your order. If you don't specify I will choose for you.)" 

Honeysuckle Gardenia Shampoo
Chardonnay Wine Soap
Eucalyptus Menthol Soap (perfect when you are sick too)
Pure Coconut Soap
Vanilla Mint Lip Balm

How to follow her:
 Her blog

* In accordance with FCC rules, I am required to let you know that I received samples of her product to review in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

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