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Learning Guitar 360 Method

Semester 1 Bundle which includes the Absolute Beginner Course and the two Bonus Songs along with the 13 Week Semester 1 by Guitar 360 Method is what we are reviewing today! As a disclaimer, there may be affiliate links within the post, but it's worth it! 

My daughter is most excited about this-- not going to lie. She has been wanting to learn guitar forever! So when she found out that she could help review this, well, let's just say, she squealed a lot. 

The program is for those kids (or adults) that are of age 9 or older and want to learn about the guitar and music. Creativity is so important and that is something that helps to propel us forward. 


They will learn how to understand music and the guitar and how both work. They will learn songs and to play them. He even used a modern song to have them learn. This is incredibly important so that way the student feels the learning is relavant. 

He has what is called buzz words--- Creativity, Freedom, & Musical Confidence.

Is this a course that is good for absolute beginning learners? Yes, yes it is. This is not just them saying this, as I can attest to this. With my daughter and I learning together, we are able to bond also over learning how to read music, know notes, and play guitar.

So even if YOU, the parent or teacher, DON'T KNOW HOW TO PLAY the GUITAR, YOU CAN LEARN TOO! Yes, you read that right, because it is right.

I was impressed as much as my daughter with how well this video series and lessons went because when a child sees that the parent wants to learn how to learn as well with them, they are much more inclined to want to learn themselves.

My daughter had been wanting to learn forever, and let's face it, that independent private lessons are over the moon expensive and I just couldn't afford that. Nor was youtube the key for learning either because you don't get the same experience as you do with teaching.

Therefore, especially in our modern day era of technology, this was a perfect way to learn it.

You can order here! 

What My Thoughts Are: 

* Semester 1 is accepted as a College-Accredited Course at Visible Music College!

* Lessons done in small segments so students can practice
* He focuses on teaching basics, not the theory behind the music, so they can enjoy learning the first steps
* He goes to the basics including parts of the guitar
* Each lesson, especially in the beginning, is based on mastering basics of not just notes, but also knowing parts of the guitar and handing the guitar
* My daughter is so jazzed about this which is not the easiest thing to do. 
* The usability of the site is super easy and user-friendly. 
* Being able to learn this helped my daughter be able to centre herself (her words, not mine) and I couldn't agree more. 
* Great mother daughter time
* A great way to get arts and music back into the clasroom
* ^ With that, even those parents who don't homeschool can help their kid learn by doing this program, even when and especially when, it is not offered in their kids' school. Research as shown how important music is to learning. 
* Super easy to go back and re learn something if you need to. 
* The fastest way yet I have learned about guitar
* My family is IN LOVE with this program 1000%. 

Via's Review:

Hello, my name is Via! Today I am reviewing Guitar 360. This is off the bat a really really good website. A great environment For beginners learning how to use a guitar. They have short, easy to understand videos that focus on one or two different subjects in each. You are not pressured, it's well paced-- I love the system. You can look back on videos, and say "yay, I learned something". You can watch videos over and over if you don't don't understand. They take baby steps so, so, so easy to understand and do. The only thing is that you already have to OWN a guitar, which of course, is expected. That sentence is mainly to clear any confusion. I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love this and recommend this program to everyone!

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