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Help Save DC's Fort Dupont Ice Arena Today!

As a parent of three children from Ward 5 in Washington DC, I URGE the District of Columbia government to reconsider their commitment that they have made to give Fort Dupont the $25 million needed to be able to address the overcapacity issue by building a second sheet of ice that will serve the growing community for many years to come. 

I will speak about this from a multitude of hats I wear, and currently not limited to:
* A mum of three children who are part of the FDIA programmes
* A District of Columbia resident, who doesn't just rent but has a home (I plan to raise my kids here)
* A Girl Scout Leader, Boy Scout Leader, Cub Scout Leader, Venturing Leader
* An FDIA Community Member for a few years

My children have been doing the program for years. I am not just a mere mum but I am active in the community that has become a constant for my kids. When I was driving home today from their ice skating lesson, they wanted to go to summer camp at Fort Dupont over anywhere else (besides scouting). That speaks volumes! 

I am a resident, who has a house-- meaning that this is not a temporary move for me. I am also an active community member (as well as volunteer) and if I am to believe that District of Columbia is continuously addressing not just a growing population in DC, but specifically being for and about the kids, then I have no other conclusion to draw but that they WILL FULFILL their commitment to Fort Dupont Ice Arena. 



* NEVER turns kids away from learning ice skating
* Provides a safe space for children where they may not have it otherwise
* Does more than just teach skating but healthy living
* Participates in community events, business, & so much more
* Promotes DC programmes
* Runs before sunrise to clear after sundown 
* Is a hub for more than just community, but ice skating/hockey teams
* Is part of the National Programmes such as "Learn to Skate USA"
* Works with local dc public schools & charter schools to get kids out on the ice
* Has trained athletes that have gone onto the Olympics 
* The list is LONG... 


As a Girl Scout leader, Boy Scout leader, Cub Scout leader, I will tell you how important these programmes are! Some children only have programmes like FDIA's or scouting that give them the necessary skills, lessons, that will help bridge the gap! These gaps include (but not limited to) those that are rich versus poor, that will keep kids off the street, give the availability that in other parts of the country are only available to those who have more money to spend to access the same programming (and that doesn't even touch on the community)! 

As an FDIA community, I can attest to their community-mindedness. In fact, stay for a little bit and they will be your FDIA family. Some of the kids don't see each other outside of FDIA and they are excited every week to see each other. 

Now image this amazing program expanding, as per the commitment already made by DC government, to not just the existing thousands of members, but beyond that! 

Members of the DC Government, can you honestly say to thousands of children's faces that you are considering moving your commitment to their FDIA family to private interests that do not have the community at large in mind? Imagine it being your child... could you say that to your own child? Your niece? Your neighbour who is a kid? 

With all the changes that are being made to DC, Kids need a safe space to learn and grow in the way that only a place like FDIA has worked so hard to achieve and the population they are serving is growing. KEEP A GREAT COMMUNITY THING GOING! SAY YES!  

IF YOU ARE READING THIS- Please see the letter from Fort Dupont Ice Arena below with a list of DC Govt people you can contact and reach out to! Speak up! 


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As a user of Fort Dupont Ice Arena (FDIA), you have heard of longstanding efforts to build a second sheet of ice to serve our community. Fort Dupont’s weekly programming is over capacity.

Starting several years ago after a hard-won campaign, Fort Dupont secured a $25 Million commitment from the District to expand the facility. FDIA committed to raising $5 million through a capital campaign which began last year. The initial stage of the campaign is underway and we have outstanding substantial requests to potential donors including Monumental Sports, the Washington Capitals, UnderArmour and others. Once these significant initial donations are in hand there will be a public campaign requesting support.

DC Government is now considering rescinding its commitment to Fort Dupont and thousands of users, including children from Ward 7, Ward 8, and the users that subsidize FDIA’s free and reduced-cost programming.  

At a time when the DC Government’s coffers are full, the city is considering “reprogramming” its commitment to Fort Dupont in favour of other interests. Therefore, we need your help.

Fort Dupont operates on a small budget with a small, dedicated staff, and lots of assistance from committed volunteers. No child is ever turned away from lack of ability to pay, therefore, it takes time to raise $5 Million dollars.

Forty-three percent of Fort Dupont’s users live in Wards 7 and 8. Students at 30 public and charter schools skate for free; 56 percent of users are girls; and 62 percent of Fort Dupont’s users are African American.

DC Government should honour its commitment to Fort Dupont instead of favouring private interests. Please consider sending an email, or tweet to Mayor Bowser today. Decision-making by DC Government is currently underway.

DC Mayor & Council Contact Information:

Mayor Muriel Bowser: muriel.bowser@dc.govTwitter – @MayorBowser
City Administrator Rashaad Young:, Twitter – @young_citydc
Chief of Staff John Falcicchio:, Twitter – @falcicchio
Senior Advisor Beverly Perry:
Chairman Phil Mendelson:, Twitter – @ChmnMendelson
At-large Anita Bonds:, Twitter – @AnitaBondsDC
At-large David Grosso:, Twitter – @cmdgrosso
At-large Elissa Silverman:, Twitter – @CM_Silverman
At-large Robert White:, Twitter – @RobertWhite_DC
Ward 1 – Brianne Nadeau:, Twitter – @BrianneKNadeau
Ward 2 – Jack Evans:, Twitter – @JackEvansWard2
Ward 3 – Mary Cheh:, Twitter – @marycheh
Ward 4 – Brandon Todd:, Twitter – @CMBrandonTodd
Ward 5 – Kenyan McDuffie:, Twitter – @CM_McDuffie
Ward 6 – Charles Allen:  callen@dccouncil.usTwitter – @charlesallen
Ward 7 – Vincent Gray:, Twitter – @VinceGrayWard7
Ward 8 – Trayon White:, Twitter – @trayonwhite

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