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5 Awesome Things to Protect Yourself Today

I got to review some amazing products from Damsel in Defense, Mia Redd. I met her through my aunt buying through her and it has been great getting to know her. She is from California (go Cali girls). She works for the Los Angeles Superior Court in the Traffic Department. (Hey, Mia, as a side note, when I come out later in the year, if I get a ticket in So Cal, can you waive it for me? Just kidding-- I don't think I will be driving.) She is working on making her Damsel in Defense something she can do full time. So, after you read this, go to the links below and support her either by liking her page or ordering from her!

What I am reviewing!

* The Road Trip Emergency Flashlight
* The Hard Shelley Card Holder
* The Door Step
* The Holler Hers
* The Sock it to Me

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These are some of the most common and widely used and needed tools from Damsel in Defense beyond the pepper spray.

Why is that?

You guessed it! They are the most needed and most common things you can get to protect yourself. The Hard Shelley Card Holder for example, someone had asked about when I had gone into my kid's school. Turns out, the grandmother of the parent was so concerned about what she saw on the news about people being able to carry around card readers that could read your credit cards without touching them. This would allow them to steal your credit card number plus all the information that is stored on it. This scared the grandmother so the parent's present that Christmas was ironically the Hard Shelley.

Let's look at the benefits of each of them!

The Road Trip Emergency Flashlight

* Has many capabilities built into one
* Perfect for the mum on the go
* Seat belt cutter
* Glass breaker
* Flashlight
* Beacon
* Alarm (110 decibel)
* magnetic
* water resistant

This is one of my favourite and most used.


I can take this with me in the car, on scouting camping trips, and so much more. For the car-- you can use this to protect your loved ones if something happens and it is a matter of life and death you can cut the seat belts and get your kids out of the car. Huge benefit. This is something medical first responders use when there is an accident. It is like putting some power back in your hands. The same with the glass puncher.

As weird as it sounds, it is actually PERFECT for camping. My kids tried to used the magnetic part of the flashlight to find gold-- no luck but good try. LOL. The light is pretty bright but not super overwhelming so they can walk to the bathroom. If there is a reason to call me, they can flash the red light and or use the alarm so I can come to them (if they are walking in buddies to the bathroom or down a trail).

Seriously, LOVE.

 BEST flashlight ever!

The Hard Shelley Card Holder

This is one I get asked on when I whip out my wallet- because this functions as one as well as protect you.
* Can hold up to 12 cards
* Protective aspect that keeps your information free of stealing  (blocking of RDIF signals)
* Small
* Cute
* Compact
* lifetime warranty with proof of purchase

This is another one of my favourites. I feel way safer having my metro card for the bus in here, my credit cards, my drivers license and so much more. I don't like the feeling of being worried about my card numbers being read and then my information being stolen. If you have ever had identity theft happen, it is not pleasant. It is scary and you feel robbed, exposed, and unprotected. So why would you not buy this and protect yourself?

Really, it is the perfect stocking stuffer every person needs- and yes, I am already talking Christmas. Good to plan ahead and protect those you love right?

The Door Step

This is great for those that live in the city. Why? It is helpful in protecting yourself.
* Allows you to put behind the door before you go to bed- if anyone opens the door, it blares a loud noise that will wake up the entire house
* 120 decibel alarm
* motion sensor
* adjustable sensitivity
* It works by placing at the door and when the metal piece is touched it will alarm
* Love that it has a sensitivity mode so those people who are sensitive to noise can still hear it without it being or becoming irritating.
* Perfect for everyone especially the mum who stays home with the kids or even when he is away on trips

Thankfully we have not had this go off yet but that shrill of the alarm is something else. It lets me go to bed easier knowing that my kids and I will be protected. Living in the city means that with all the good also comes the need to be cautious and protective of your family. This will give your reassurance.

Holler Hers

* I absolutely LOVE this because it is small and makes you feel safer walking down the streets in the city
* 120 decibel alarm
* Goes right onto your key chain
* LED Light (separate from alarm)
* You can activate the continuous alarm
* I did have this once go off in my bag and thought I set a car alarm off-- so it is loud
* GREAT for KIDS especially those that walk to school.
* The alarm will scare off someone trying to attack you or even your kiddos

Another one of my favourites. I know, I have a lot. But with these products, it's hard not to.

Even though I have accidentally set it off in my backpack already, it also makes me feel extremely protected. I can literally put on my kids' backpacks as they are walking to school and they would be protected. Can't beat that!

Also, if someone is threatening or follows me (which has happened once in the last 5 years living here in D.C.) I can turn the alarm on and I bet it would have scared the person off who was drunk and staggering. It allows you to protect yourself and let them know that you mean business.

The Sock It to Me

* Can go on your key chain
* Looks funny and becomes a "topic of discussion"-- aka, someone thought I would carry a sex toy on a key chain LOL. We had a good laugh for about 30 minutes where we all turned beet red. LOL.
* Legal in all states
* Allows you to strike someone who is attacking you giving you the ability to run away
* It is lightweight but a heavy duty tool (be careful and handle with care)
* Lots of colours you can choose from.

Haven't had to use, but great conversation starter. I like having this on my key chain so I know that I can protect myself and when someone sees that, they hopefully will have the smarts to know better and walk away.

Why Should YOU be Getting Any or All of These?

It's simple really. A no brainer if you will. Why?
* Protecting Yourself
* Protecting Your Kids
* Make Great Presents for graduation, anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays
* It can SAVE YOUR LIFE! Or that of someone you love.
* Crimes these days are either benign and unseen so you need things like  Hard Shelley to protect your identity or they are over the top and you need to protect your family in the middle of the night or walking down the alleyway.
* Can use them in the city to help you feel safer- if anything, it is a confidence booster
* Products are guaranteed for the life that you own them! Not many companies back it up like that!
* You can use them EVERYDAY!

So don't hesitate today!

Want to get ahold of the person who provided them to me to buy some of your own?
Mia Redd-- and like her on Facebook at

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