Friday, May 6, 2016

How to Declutter Your Home, Mind and Soul

Are you moving? Have your kids grown up?
Can you walk peacefully in your house without it being more about what is there?

I know I am in the midst of moving a house pretty much on my own right now with three kids in tow all the time to sports, testing, homeschooling things, on top of being a scout leader to 67 other kids.

Needless to say, that the time I get to sit for a few minutes let alone clean behind the couch is times of far and few between.

There is a book, "Unstuffed: Decluttering your Home mind and Soul" from New York Times Bestselling author Ruth Soukup, that I am reviewing.

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I love that this book is honest from the start in painting a picture many people struggle with. We all collect things whether intentionally or unintentionally throughout the years. Whether we choose to have a proactive approach to changing the lifestyle in which we lead or not is up to us.

In This Book


+ Quick Wins
+ Quick Tidy Habits
+ Fill in the Blanks
+ F.R.E.E. concept of space
+ The Unstuffed Weekend Challenge
+ How to get the kids involved


+ Physical Red Flags
+ Emotional red flags
+ Relationship red flag
+ Spiritual red flags
+ Pratcical red flags
+ How to create practical family schedule
+ Simple paper storage solutions
+ Memories (in stuff)
+ Dealing with gifts
+ Support and letting go


+ Cultivating Real Friendships
+ What do real relationships look like
+ Setting boundaries
+ Basic Rules for any relationship
+ How to gauge your Stress

This easily has become one of my favourite books to use and read while packing to leave this place and move on to the next place. There is nothing like being able to purge on all levels so we can move on and up.

I definitely suggest this book. It is easy to read, great ideas, prompts. Everything you could want in a book to help you be able to move on and move up in life instead of being bogged down by the clutter of things.

This has become one of my top reads. Super duper practical and I am putting it to immediate use!

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review*

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