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Paddington Bear

We are reviewing Paddington Bear, which is a literature study for kids from ages 5 to 10 from Branch Out World

This was something my daughter was familiar with as a book, as most of us are per the movie series. So they, both my son and daughter were eager to be able to review. So when I went on a boy scout camping trip with my older son, I let me daughter look over this and do some of the work- both independently (while checking in) and with her baby sitter. I know that I am reviewing this as well, from a parental perspective, so you will get both ways of looking at this product. 

This is not some small workbook or set of studies. Nope. It is 69 pages long which means so much thought has been put into it. 

She goes over how to record your child's work and gives you tips for her coursework from the get-go. This is great because not all curriculum does this and it's a nice touch.

What I have seen when looking at it is that you can break down the lessons even farther than she does and split the day's plan into several days if you want. It really depends on how much your kids learn (in a given time frame and learning setting). That being said, the way the series is built is that it knocks out different subjects of school at the same time that you are doing the studies for Paddington Bear. 

What this means is that they are learning vocabulary, spelling, grammar, geography, etc. I really appreciate this about this curriculum. I have also seen science and art covered here as well. 

I love that they give you extra books to read as well including titles and isbn and all. This is super helpful. Books that help with the learning context of another book I think is great because it shows that learning doesn't have an ending bind. You can always delve deeper into learning a subject by researching background and context. This is an extremely important lesson for kids to learn, especially before they have to start doing major research projects.

Here is a youtube video on the book:

Via's Review:

Hi, it's Via and I'm back again with another review. today I am reviewing Paddington. this program is a Literature program that is said to be for children 5 to 9. This program is a mix of  literature and geography. I learned that Lima is the capital of Peru, London is the capital of England and a lot of other things in my research. I like that it combined the literature and geography into some of the lessons. Some things I liked were that they had you interact with Paddington and write about different subjects in Paddington's life. Some things that I didn’t like were that you were expected to have all these different items that we didn’t have. It took a lot of thinking but I think I found the forumula of why kids don’t like school; it is because you don’t have much motive to do it besides to become “smart”. I wanted to say this because maybe those making the curriculum could find a more personal touch to give kids motive to want to do this more. I feel like if there was more motive kids would want to do school. I would say that this for kids 7 to 11 depending on their skill. This is harder than it would seem.

My daughter's review, I feel like comes on the heels of realising that summer is coming to an end-- so it's more skewed that way but I like that she brings to light something that has been long gone in education styles- which is teaching kids to love to learn. That being said, I think that comment is mainly because summer's end is nearly here.

She makes a great point about the school work not being as easy as reading a book but much deeper than that. I don't think she is used to that style of teaching given her previous curriculum that she was using but it is most definitely one I like and support more. So I love that they do this. And I will be doing more of it this coming year to try to bring that love of learning out.

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Paddington Bear {Branch Out World Reviews}

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