Friday, December 14, 2018

A Scout's DC Diaper Bank Drive

Hello, my name is Via,  if you were wondering what my name was. I am doing my bronze award. I will tell my story. I am a girl scout in Troop 5823, and for my bronze award, I am doing the D.C. Diaper Bank. What is a bronze award you ask?

A bronze award is a girl scout award that is an award that girl scout juniors can earn by doing a journey and doing twenty hours of community service on a specific project chosen by the scout.

Back to the DC Diaper Bank.  The reason I picked the DC Diaper Bank is because I wanted to help others and it would be fun as well. A diaper bank is a place where they take diapers (and non-perishable baby items ) and distribute them to families in the area in need. I want to help them with their goal.  

Here’s a link to a heartwarming video made by them:

Here is a link to their wonderful website:

I loved when my troop went to the DC Diaper Bank because it made me feel like I was doing something good. That is why I WANT TO DO IT SO MUCH.

My mom & I were going to Home Depot in Washington DC to get cub scout supplies (because my brother's a cub scout and we needed supplies before a meeting) and we met the manager. I talked to him about my upcoming bronze award and he said he would like to help me with it. So I wrote a grant asking for help and a couple of weeks later we went and got some items. (Thanks SO much by the way.) Then I went online and made some posters to advertise the DC Diaper Bank.

I will ask to put my posters up and to have my troop go to group volunteer at the DC Diaper Bank. Then I will ask a friend to print out my posters. (Because we don’t have a printer.) As an ambassador, which is a long-term commitment, I will help collect diapers and take them to the Diaper Bank, in which of course, my mum will drive me. It's not super close to my house so it is definitely a big commitment to make for a long time (a year or more).

(Hopefully) My troop and I will do group volunteer at the DC Diaper Bank. I am still waiting to hear back from them about when we can make this possible. Then we will put up the posters so more people will donate to the DC Diaper Bank. and that is how YOU can help. By donating diapers and other non-used non-perishable baby items.

How local troops in Service Units 34-8 & 40-2 can Earn the Patch!
1) Bring to our porch, and there is a black box on the porch. Make sure your name is on a sticky note on the diapers and put in the box. They don't need to be a full pack-- you can put a couple unused diapers there. Or a brand new bottle. Put in the combination, if the lock is on there, and then put your diapers in there. You can also order and have mailed to our house diapers.
2) Girl Scouts: Bring to a scout meeting, the service unit meeting, or based on where you are, message me for a possible meet up
3) Cub/Boy Scouts: Bring to a scout meeting or pack meeting with your name attached in some way
4) ALL come back and fill this out so we know to get the patches for you!

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