Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why Cook for a Week At a Time

After being asked why and how I cook for the week in one day, I will write about it. First, why? Because the reasoning is important. In the next post, I will talk about the 'how'. The nice thing is that it is not limited to these 7 things nor do you have to look at them like a to do list- they all come with the simple act of cooking.
With pun intended, here is my reasoning and food for thought, for the 'why': 

1) You Save Money.
Woot, woot! Cooking multiple meals at once helps you save money, regardless if you use same ingredients or not. A win win really. Good meals and saving money.

2) More Conscious Cooking. 
You know more what is going into your body and also you are more aware of your own meals than just cooking one night at a time. You think of the week's cooking rather than 'what do I cook tonight?'.  I notice when I cook on the fly, I tend to cook more repetitiously rather than having different things. Therefore, cooking for a week at once ignites my love to cook and I don't get bored with food as easily.

3) More Variety Within the Same Food Umbrella. 
So if I love pasta, or pasta is a staple for me, I can vary what I want to try and cook with pasta. Sometimes, we go, hmm, spaghetti, I would love that. We make what we know, which is a lot of the same. Thinking out side the box within the spaghetti food group is a good idea. So even if I make 3 dishes of spaghetti in a week, I can think, what else or how else can I do this. 

4) Time. 
The time is a HUGE concern for us being a family of 5. Being able to cook for a week in one day goes by faster when I already have the oven on from cooking another meal, dishes out, ingredients out, and most important, the time. On average I spend less time in one day than trying to sit and cook meals every night, on a cumulative scale, by alot. And it allows me to do more during the week with my family.  Also the stress becomes less. 

5) Less Dishes During the Week.
Anyone say, yes please! Especially when you swear that dishes are multiplying by the dozen only to realise you cycle through the same set numerous times in one day. One side affect of having kids. 

6) Less Waste in Food. 
When you are cooking for one week, or shopping for one week, you are thinking more about what needs to be used in the frig, what you can incorporate into new dishes and how to avoid wasting any food. Nothing bugs me more to realise that I bought something at the grocery store to have it sit and go bad. 

7) Better Food.
I find when I cook ahead of time, I have food that I can't wait to devour. I want to try it or eat it again. So, I find that I can make restaurant quality food in my home within a very small budget. And I have have better nutrition as well. I approve!

What is my reasoning, what is right for me, may not be for you or the same for your reasons for another person. So while these are my reasonings, I urge that you find your values and thoughts regarding you and your food in your house. You are the cook, you have the power!

My next post will go more into the details of how I do it. What is the time required? How do I come up with dishes? All of that will be touched on in the next post.

Leave me a note, why do you or why would you cook for a week at a time? 

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