Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Perfect Egg

Okay, well nothing is truly perfect in this world.  
But this makes it one step easier to not under boil or over boil your egg.
I did not even know these existed until our uncle got us one for Christmas a few years back, and since we do eggs a lot, it was super helpful. Thank you Uncle Marcos! 
Honestly, I would avoid doing boiled eggs because I just felt I was not apt to make them as perfect as I can.  I like this because I can do it with half a mind in the morning. Pop it in the bottom of the boiling water, put in the eggs, and just come check on it every few minutes until I get the desired results. 
Even better, it meets my budget standards- this tool is well worth the $6 or less you will spend on it and the eggs are part of the budget for doable proteins for the morning.

You can get it here on Amazon- the Egg Perfect Egg Timer. It is listed for $4.95 I believe and qualifies for free shipping if you spend $25.  
How much do I believe in this product? I am posting this with no compensation or payment- doing this of my own free will. Also, this was one of the few things in our kitchen that absolutely had to come with us across the country.

1. Boil water
2. Put in the timer and eggs
3. Boil until you watch the disk in the middle change to your desired results (it will start changing colours as it boils and the red part will shrink- there are 3 settings, soft boiled, medium boiled, and hard boiled)
4. Cool and serve the way you like it! 

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