Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kid's Easy Trail Mix

This is something I could get behind. My kids helped make this themselves. I love when they can help make the foods they love themselves. 

I am not huge on cereal, honestly. Reason being because we my son could eat an entire box of cereal in one sitting. We normally do eggs, oatmeal, grits, that sort of thing for breakfast. Yesterday morning for breakfast was the classic leftovers (rice, beans and homemade tortillas). 

My little baby is a pretty picky eater- he does not like to try new things, let alone eat what we eat as a family. So I am trying little by little to get him to eat- so whatever I can do, I will do. 

I know this-- 
He loves Cheerios, peanuts and raisins. So why not combine them? 

When you do that, you have dried fruit and a good staple protein to add to the carbs that Cheerios provide. There is no arguing that it is better combined nutrient wise and he will eat it (and last longer).


And my other two kids love this too. 

Win, win, win= total win!

3 Cups Cheerios
2 Cups Peanuts
2 Cups Raisins

1. Measure out
2. Have kids help you and alternate adding them together
3. Shake in a container and Viola....
4.  Enjoy- in the house or out on the go!

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Anonymous said...

This takes only 5 minutes or less to make. Well worth it.

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