Friday, April 12, 2013

Why Make Your Own Ice Cream? 10 Reasons!

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I am writing this to list the reasons why it is SO much better to make your own ice cream.

For actually making it, follow my recipe here for "All Natural Strawberry Banana Ice Cream", and you can substitute the fruit with any other fruit or vegetable that you want to.

No, I do not use those Ice Cream Balls that you shake over and over again that you pay extra money for and their only purpose is ice cream.

I don't even do the old fashioned crank or the newer ice cream maker that cost a lot of money to buy.
Nope, not I.

Instead, I use something that is versatile for many things: The Magic Bullet. Nope I did not buy it from the television. I bought from Costco because their warranties on the products that they serve are great. And I am glad I did. It was cheaper than most any other blender and had same if not more capability. I do not write this for them, or am not paid to do so, I am just stoked to have this product in my house. I make my ice cream with this.

My reasons for making it from home:
1) Faster than going to buy ice cream- seriously! Walking to the nearest store, buying it and walking back at best is 45 minutes sometimes. Driving, maybe 30 minutes. I can make this in 5 minutes or so.
2) Creamier- honestly it is. So it is between ice cream and frozen yoghurt.
3) More nutrients- think about it. HFCS holds very little, if any, nutrients. The things you choose to use are more worth it to get what you need than buying something that is mass produced.
4) No added sugar- no really! If you use fruits and veges, you need no extra sugar because the natural sugars are already there. 
5) Makes you fuller faster- It is true, at least I find. Because the nutrients my body wants are satisfied as well as the coolness it wants. The added ingredients in store bought make me go back so much that I could eat most a container of ice cream. Not good. LOL.
6) Less Calories- as stated above, not only does it make me fill fuller quicker, it really is less calories because the ingredients overall are less.
7) Less Ingredients- Think about all that goes into ice cream. It is alot. You only have 3-5 ingredients home making it. The fruit and the consistency factor (milk or water). Yay!
8) You Control What Your Ice Cream Has In It- Now, you want honey one day and not the next- that is fine! You at least know what is in it. And it is natural.
9) It's the Same Cost or Sometimes Cheaper- Believe it or not, it can be cheaper. Say you buy 5-6 bananas for $1-$2, a pound of frozen strawberries at Costco cost me $2.50, and a splash of milk or water is close to nothing. That is $3.50-$5 to make enough ice cream for 1/2 cup serving 8-12 times over. That is about the same, if you buy your ice cream on a sale. If not, it's cheaper to do it this way.
10) SO easy- put it all together and press a button- viola!

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