Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Q tips Boutique (Diy)

Christmas Q Tip Boutique  (diy) by Via Bella
So, being tight on funds, it is so important to be able to make decor with what you have. 
My daughter and I were at the dollar store and we needed q tips. We were originally get orange and red- her colours. But, it dawned on my while I was there, that red, green, and white was better. You know, tis the season. 

I got home, and wanted to put them in something because when they fall, sometimes the q tips fall out and over the floor rending them useless. So, I wanted a small bunch in a jar and that is how I got this idea. The container is a tea light glass and is perfect.

The nice and awesome thing- it brings the Christmas spirit in a small and practical way that you will use past Christmas. Yay!

Christmas Q Tip Boutique (diy) by Via Bella

1 Votive candle holder
Red, Green, and White Q tips
1 7" Red Yarn piece
1 15" Red Yarn Piece

1. Gather your Materials.
2. Alternate the colour of qtips (one red one in, one green one in, one white one in- repeat). Do until full.
3. Measure 7" red yarn and cut
4. Wrap the piece around the bottom and tie
5. Measure 15" red yarn and cut
6. Wrap around one side, criss cross it, and tie
7. Clip the access string

Christmas Q Tip Boutique (diy) by Via Bella

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