Friday, December 13, 2013

First Day of Christmas

Can you believe how fast Christmas has snuck up upon us?
Do you celebrate the 12 days of Christmas?

Though there be many traditions, we have amorphous traditions. We honestly do celebrate 12 days of Christmas but the way it looks every year varies. 

For the First Day of Christmas, we decorated our Christmas tree.

Honestly, I have my tree up all year, but I do not light it up until Christmas. Living in the city, I like a little green in my space. I just transform the tree into a 'house tree' during the year and back into a Christmas tree during the holidays. 

You are asking- you don't do it the day after Thanksgiving?
Yes, but even if I do, I reserve special ornaments for a special family time celebration. 
And this year, we were not back right away since we were visiting family. So making this a first day of Christmas activity was an easy go. 

We had Pandora streaming us Christmas music for us while we decorated. We had hot cocoa while there was remenant snow on the ground. It was awesome! Even it if were 60 degrees outside though, we would still be doing hot cocoa and decorating. Just saying- because we can.

And thank goodness for my mother in law for passing along my husband's birth year ornament, also a few little wooden ones and 5 non breakable (with kids a must) ornaments we apparently gave her when we moved to the East. So thank you mom. Otherwise, we would have a boring tree. 

Can't wait to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with my family!

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