Sunday, December 15, 2013

Second Day of Christmas: Ice Skating

We went to Herbert Wells Ice Rink in PG County in Maryland for the second day of Christmas. 
We went with my son's cub scout pack- Pack 33. This was our first time going with the pack during their annual ice skating event. This also was only our second time ever going skating.

 So worth it. 

Honestly, I had just as much fun. My son Avi, wanted to watch the boys who knew how to play hockey and was not wanting to learn so much how to skate. He did eventually. And I am so proud of him. 

My daughter Via, had it come more natural to her. She was doing so much better once she tried and fell a few times. She was so proud of herself that you could not help but smile big. 

My little boy, Kai, was not liking the skates at first. He spent most of the time sipping hot cocoa. But he eventually got onto the ice and held both hands of mommy and daddy and did it. By the end of it, he wanted to get back on the ice and was upset that it had ended. Well, typical, right?

We had a good family date especially first full day back as a family after traveling and being apart.

Happy Second Day of Christmas!

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