Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year, New Savings- Couponing

For the new year, I am hoping to start couponing. No, not extreme couponing, not yet.
With a family a 5 and living in the nation's capital, we really need to save everything we can. And I only plan on doing savings on things I actually need and will use. 

I am going to take the MOST important step first and realise start small.
AND have a clean house.

What does a clean house have to do with couponing, you ask?
Well I figure, I can not possibility organise couponing and the products brought in if I can not start be making sure I have the space for it.

Living in a high rent area you don't have a lot of space in the house. Period. So space is GOLDEN!
And I DO NOT plan to extreme coupon and fill my house- but just enough that I save on the things I ACTUALLY NEED!

I am going to start one room at a time- and for me that is hard. 
I get distracted very easily...ooh what's that? No, really...LOL

So what am I going to do? What is my standard?

Oh yes, clean everything. 
When you have clean space, you have a clear mind.

So on top of having a clean house, I am going to Freecycle anything we don't need. 
If you don't know about freecycle, it is AWESOME!

If my son's clothes don't fit and I have no friends that could use them,  or alternative uses for them, I freecycle them. I offer, someone responds and comes and picks it up from me. It saves them money, I know it will get use, and I don't have to question how long it will stay on a shelf at Goodwill. 

Then I will make designated spaces for things I will coupon, and not much space. But just enough. So for example, I will clear my shelves in the kitchen and organise it in such a way that we have some space left over to put the new items. 

So, let me go and I shall begin...
So here is to a new year and hopefully new savings!

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