Monday, February 10, 2014

Tea Parties For Kids: Day 22 (Thankfulness Project 365)

I am thankful for the fact that the National Capital Area Girl Scouts put on a tea party for girls younger than them. 

So often now we see that the girl's activities consist of things like cheerleading, ballet and for the boys things like football and soccer. And sometimes we see activities that for being politically correct, they open to everyone. I say this having two boys and a girl. I, most of the time agree with it, but it was honestly nice to have something just for my daughter this time. Something that I know she would enjoy. Something that both my boys and my girl love to do but for once  she could do with lots of other girls.  I am glad that this one time thing as well, so there is balance. 

Taking something my daughter loves to do, both as a baby, and even now as a young girl, and re create for many girls who do the same. A tea party!

They decorated cupcakes, learned how to properly set a table, learned basic etiquette, made their own hair clips, do origami, make cards, and more. How awesome is that?

I even love it more, not because she will practice those etiquette skills because chances are she will not, but because it was a full well rounded event that was not just 'go play' but taught skills, socialised, and most importantly have fun. It gave me ideas for even her birthday party!

My daughter loved it!

She was elated when she got home, and even wrote me a card. 

Thank you to the Chevy Chase Community Center for Department of Recreation for hosting the location and thank you to the Girl Scouts!

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