Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Red Box Code Giveaway

Yes, it is a giveaway! 

 I just started using and L.O.V.E. Redbox.
Seriously, Redbox, how did I not know how awesome you were?!

I am starting my blog back up and in process of changing it up a little bit. 

In the mean time, I would love your support by entering the contest...

to win...

a Red Box Code Giveaway!
This is a unique code given to me, so can only be used once. 

The contest will run from today until Monday the 18th May.

I will notify the winner asap. 
If you do win, and won't use, just let me know and I can pass along. 

It is worth it and I appreciate your support...

And remember, be kind! 

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