Monday, August 10, 2015

My Toddler Broke My Phone & I am Thankful (Best Cell Phone Deals)

You, I bet, have not had a toddler break your phone...until now...

Like me.
(We have so much in common). 

Took the third kid to have a child break one of my cell phones.
It survived white water rafting in the Grand Canyon but not a toddler-- irony! 
Of course, it had the perfect timing too. 

I was traveling from my in laws house to my parents' house. 
Stopped off to a friends' place and that is when it happened. 

Doomed cell phone. Cue sad face and a lot of deep breaths.  

I was getting my toddler out of the car, helping him, with cell phone in the other hand, and he threw a fit and smacked my phone out of my hand... and it was doomed.

My Google Nexus, which I paid $300 for brand new, fell face first on the asphault. It had a protector on it. It had withstood drops/falls before. What happened this time?

My educated guess is that the heat from being in the car + the drop is what caused it. 

However, I was traveling.
That phone held numbers, address', pictures. I needed that phone.
I panicked because how would I get a hold of anyone?!

Maybe this is part of a bigger plan of learning to let go and unplug. 
I will admit, being unplugged in the Grand Canyon was awesome and cut short. 

Seriously, thank God I wrote down address' before I left. 
Thank God my phone broke as I got to my friends' house. 
He let me take his phone (ironically cracked as well but functioning with tape) and look up the directions from his place to my sisters' place and then to my parents' place. 

I did make it old school style, with using directions written down, but it does make you realise a few things. 

1) How much you rely on technology
2) How much more limited you are on "going on the fly" to do things because you can't look up things near you
3) How much some things need to be done old fashioned ways to save you headaches, esp when traveling. 

Most importantly, NEVER EVER will I ever (seriously!!) buy a phone full price again! 
Like Taylor Swift says: 
(Dear Cell Phone Biz/Companies) "We are never ever getting back together"


I bought a $300 cell phone that when dropped and broken, I had insurance on. Now, the phone is not worth what the deductible is to replace the phone especially given what they send you is a refurbished phone. While some see no problems with that and I support that (recycling phones), charging a high price on it when you are making a lot of money on it, makes money sense but not consumer sense to me. A quick way to lose customers, especially when they figure out the game being played. 

I went and bought me an over the counter cell phone at Wal Mart
Honestly, I was leery of buying over the counter phones.
Worried about their capability and if they would work/last.
Not any more. 
They have gotten better. Plans are comparable. 
It was a smart phone. Android.
Synced my contacts. 
I can take pictures (have yet to truly test ability, quality, and quantity) 
I can check email.
I can text.

Why won't I ever pay $300 for a phone again?
I paid $35 for a smart phone and own it free and clear now.
Everything has a silver lining. 

If kids mess with it, oh well. It was $35. I can replace that (without a financial heart attack).
There are cheaper ones I will try and update you on.

So dear company, we are never ever getting back together!

I am calling as soon as I get the chance and will ask for all the money I have paid to insure my phone back or an upgrade to a better sturdier phone. 

Insurance on your phone is a rip off in my opinion.
Unless you plan on breaking the phone within 6-12 months, it is a rip off. 
Don't get it. 
By the time you need to replace your phone, your deductible will not be worth it. You will have more than paid for the phone as if it were brand new. 

Not happening in this house. Nope! 
No more. 

Just buy the pre paid phones and drop your SIM in to the phone and viola!
A great back up phone too when you need a phone. 

Also, carry a phone book with important numbers and addresses when you travel so you are not left adrift! 

I will update the blog as needed and will let you know the experience I have with this phone long term, but thus far, no issues. 
So far, sounds like a better deal and I am all about being smart with my money.

*Not paid for any of these opinions
________________________________________________________________________________ toddler broke my cell phone and I learned a lot from it-- like how to save money! In the words of #TaylorSwift, "...
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