Saturday, October 3, 2015

Kids + Simple Fall Craft = Homeschool Lesson

We started our Girl Scout Co Op this year-- we have many girls who are home schooled and many who are private or brick and mortar. This created an amazing opportunity to give the girls and the boys (I do both boy scouts and girl scouts) the chance to get together and learn!

In our co op group, made up of girl scouts and boys scouts, we decided to decorate and home school together! Not everyone was there because of weather but was very thankful for new friends and the girls that were able to show today due to nasty weather outside. (Yay, Nor'easters).

We picked what needle art they were going to learn in a few weeks, and then we talked about what an emergency preparedness kit would look like for each of them.  I asked them to go home and make their own kit to have by their bed in case of emergency. Then we moved on to the fall craft.

This has been sitting on my table as my 'to do' for October decor for more than a week.
As soon as I started doing it, I realised, hey this would make for a great project for the kids to do. Awesome, can share on my blog, too! Then it morphed because I had no chance to do over the week to rolling over into my co op group. Then we talked about lessons they could get out of helping for science, history, and art.

If you do crafts for the season, it is a great way to get the kiddos involved!
Who does not love holidays and crafts? The combination is perfect!

Ingredients/Materials to Grab:
~ Cinnamon Potpourri
~ Popcorn Un-Popped
~ Shelled Nuts

We talked about several things:

1) History
~ What makes these items that we are about to mix together perfect for the fall season?
~ What Holidays do you associate with these items?
~ For popcorn and the nuts-- what date would you say corn and nuts go back to in American tradition?
2) Science
~ What items should we put in first, heavy or lightest?
~ Are these items go to mix?
~ Make a hypothesis about what these items are going to do.
~ If I popped the popcorn, would it be heavier or lighter than the kernels?
~ Would the popped popcorn float? Would the kernels float?

3) Social
~ Break up the group into 2 each and they take turns adding materials to the jar!
~ Working together as a team

4) Art
~ How to make it look nice, putting it together
~ Creating a unique piece that will sit in the center of the table for the next two months! Yay!

This was a great lesson to teach the kids. They had fun and especially for the young ones, it kept them entertained just long enough. For the older ones, they chime in with answers.  They all had fun exploring as they were pouring in the corn, that it would fit where the kernel would fit. Rather than the nuts that would fall to the bottom no matter what. They had a lot of fun doing this and were bummed it went so fast. So we put some in a bowl too. So we now have two center pieces!

I have to get to bed since I am taking my girl scouts and boy scouts to the Art Museum tomorrow.
So I leave with the chance to enter to win an autographed book from the review I did (which is good for everyone "The Argument Free Marriage" by Fawn Weaver.

G'Nite! :D

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