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Scout Spotlight of the Day: Daniel's Duty to God

I have decided as a scout leader to allow parents and scouts to show off what they are doing and learning in scouting. Especially those who are going above and beyond in their scouting duties. Why? What scouting allows for kids to learn are many life long skills

It could be a girl scout. It could be a boy scout. It could be a scout in my den or troop or one from yours!

If you have an extraordinary scout story to share (with permission), email it with pictures to me viabella.thebeautifullife @

Today, we are going to talk about one of my Webelo scouts, Daniel Matthews!
Den 6 Pack 33 in Takoma Park, Maryland.  He will be going into Troop 33 about a year from now!

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His name is Daniel and he is new to my den this year!

Fond memories so far this year with him is sitting around the camp fire ring during fall camp out and him somehow managing to burn his shoe after our 12 mile hike. He is like any typical 9 or 10 year old boy-- full of energy and jokes. Don't we all wish we had that kind of 9 year old energy again? He can make me laugh as a leader-- even at the times like in the middle of a serious talk or lesson. This alone is going take him far in life. He is a great kid!

You do not need to believe in God to be a scout! We have scouts that don't have belief in God. That is okay! They can meditate, do reflection and whatever is spiritual to them. While this is not held widely, check with your pack because it should be something that is yours!

For the Duty to God for Webelos I level they have to either:
A) Earn their emblem of faith (which is done through their own denomination) or.....
B) Complete at least three of these:
* Help plan, support, or actively participate in a service of worship or reflection and show reverence.
* Review with your family what you have learned about your duty to God
* Discuss with your family, family's faith leader, or trusted adult how planning and participating in a service of worship or reflection helps you live your duty to God.
* List one thing that will bring you closer to doing your duty to God and practice for one month. Write down what you do each day to remind you.

For our pack, we have people of all faith and even those that don't believe in God. So this is something that we allow the families to do on their own, as Daniel as done. It shows that you take scouting into the real world with you. The principles are an important part of life.

I am a proud troop leader and Daniel, as I am sure you will be reading this with your mum, know that I am VERY proud of you as your leader. You are representing your den and pack very well, looking sharp, and learning public speaking. You are a lot of fun and I am very proud to have you in our den. Don't ever lose that zest of life and being able to turn anything funny. It will take you far!

 Below is a video of Daniel and letter from the family about what they did!

Note from the parent: 

Our family are practicing Christians. We are members of the Community Church of Washington DC-United Church of Christ, in Washington, DC where Aaron B. Wade is the Senior Pastor. 

During the month of February our church allows the youth to take an active role in leading segments of the service. This allowed Daniel to earn his Service to God badge while also serving in several roles during service.

In the video:
Daniel is stating our  Church's Vision Statement in front of the congregation.
Every Sunday a member of the congregation does this. 

In the pictures:
Daniel and his older sister, Erica are serving as Jr. Trustees. They are holding the baskets to receive the tithes and offerings of the congregation members. 

Kim Matthews
(Daniel's Mum)


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