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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2- Is the Sequel as Good?

A lot of the time we talk about things being as good as the original... is it? Is it not?

And many times people agree that the original is best and nothing can beat it.

In My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 there are many names, some new, in and behind the making of this film. Including the all hunky John Stamos in which when people saw his name, a whole row reacted. Haha. Tom Hanks is helping out behind the scenes as well.

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Some reactions from people coming out:
* Loved it
* It was great
* It was cute
* It was horrible
* It lacked something
* Too predictable

What did I think?

I liked the movie at face value but I can see all the points above. A lot of people have been waiting for a long time for this movie. For that it may be a little bit of a let down for some. There are a lot of inside jokes that you don't get unless you were part of the "My Big Fat Greek" Family from the get go.

Some of the jokes are spot on and diverse as this movie represents multi-generational settings and fan base. For example, some of them I got more than others because I am a parent. Some they got because of their life.

Toula is back in the dilemma mode as her teenage daughter, Paris, is about to finish high school. Toula is experiencing the parental dilemma of having to let go and know that everything is okay. She gets mocked by Gus when she retorts to her daughter "Why do you want to leave me?" just like her dad did to her and then he retorts to her "Pay back." Oh yea, I can't wait for that one. She has to deal with that issues that are her marriage versus her family in a constant swarm of things going on.

Aunt Voula is just awesome and stays completely true to herself from the first to second movie.

They try to touch of every base of diverse life form and generation with jokes (we went over that already) but also in relationship status, in dialogue, in the pace of the movie. What do I mean? Angelo isn't married and is hiding a secret from his family (but is he really? I mean this is the Big Fat Greek Family) of being gay. His mum of course knew.  The daughter wears dark make up, not a geek like her mother, and interestingly enough led to me debating with someone afterwards about it. I mean, it totally makes sense, at least to me. It is to match the times and how much more worried about fitting it or rebelling against it. Plus, look at BOTH families. Ian's (the dad) parents are more reserved and where her family... well is not.

I do feel that some of that gets lost in translation where parts of the movie don't flow as it would have been in the first movie. Almost as if there were breaks in takes of making the movie. Where the family is up the Paris' business all the time and let her go to prom alone? There is a familial disconnect with how I feel it would have gone. It did not make sense.

Also, I liked that the great grandma has shown her more human side-- not always running amuck but showing she really does understand and is there for her family. But of course, still up to some of her usual antics. Especially with many families having someone suffering from dementia, which many believe her to suffer from, it shows that they are still "there".

So what happens?

The family gets so caught up in sending the teenager, Paris, off to college and then Gus realises he and his wife Maria are not married. His wife, Maria, refuses to talk to him until he proposes and properly marries her. Then, at the wedding, with Gus having been a little drunk, she gets upset and thinks he is not taking it seriously. She goes back in the sanctionary room and talks about the things wrong that bug her in the marriage. "Who says a woman has to be married?" And she was one of those that said that. But right now, she was struggling with that, looking back at her life imagining what she could have done. She almost did not go through with the wedding. But does. At the end they love each other and been with each other 50 years.

I think the music doesn't always fit the scene. The first movie was better at it.

The daughter, Paris, was struggling with the same things, feeling smuggled by her Greek family, stuck and wanting to fly far away. She has struggles with wanting to go to prom but finally she has the boy, and low and behold, unknown to her, he is Greek. So they hit it off. They have a great time at the prom and come to the reception.

Then the family shows up to see her off to NYU, the whole family in the dorm room. See what about I mean about the inconsistencies? But it is a cute end.

Overall, it was a sweet movie and I would give it a 3 out of 5. I thought it could have been better but is cute as a fluff movie as is. First was much better in this blogger's opinion.

Before I show you the trailer: 

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