Saturday, April 30, 2016

How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do

From the author of "The $100 Start Up" comes Born for This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do".

What this book does is take you on the journey of being able to find yourself in what business that you want to do. At what point does what you want to do versus where you are stuck intersect? Do we want to be stuck in dead end jobs or feel like we are making a difference and being happy at the same time?

After I move, I can't wait to not only read this from cover to cover again but to completely tear this book apart bit by bit to start my new journey.

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This book does not talk down to you like some books do and assume that you should already know all this and what were you thinking working in McDonalds after all this time? No, it takes you where you are at and gives you reflective questions to help guide you to where you want to be.

The writer is honest and real with you. I love this. They even give you permission (because you totally need that) to skip back and forth between the chapters to help it benefit you the most. If you are like me and function better like this, it is nice to know that the book is written for you to be able to do that easily and not lose content.

There are some of the self help books really don't always talk to you the way they should. What do I mean  by this? They like to talk back to you so to speak where you feel little. You feel less likely to continue reading. Not this one! It is great!

It is written in a positive light and easy to understand for most any one. You can even feel the motivation come from the book because as you read it you feel that, "omg, I can do this".

There are tool kits in the appendix that are helpful.

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Can't choose what you want to do? Are you a multi tasker and a multi thinker? There is even a guide for those that help you work in different models to either see what works best for you or to utilise all the different kinds of models.

Ever play a game of poker and wondered how it would be if you increased your odds of winning? This teaches you some same principles but you can do this with life and with your career.

This book is and will be a nice restart whenever I feel stuck and want to reroute myself and my brain in continuing or redoing any goals of business or really in life that I have. I am excited to be able to read this and easily lands in my top reads!

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review*

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