Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Channel Your Inner Artistic Pursuits 1 Skill At a Time

My kids loved reviewing 4-5 Book One by ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

Overall, I really liked ARTistic Pursuits. I like that it introduces concepts that I learned back when I was a kid. Speaking from seeing other art programs can do, I really like this one. There is a place for the history kind of art, which is most prevalent to art in schools and then realistic and inspired art which is where this comes into play. Historical art, most found in public schools, is just as much of learning about the history of the art piece and recreating it. There are not many ways to create and move beyond what is given to do. But with realistic and inspirational art assignments it takes real life and allows you to see art in all things. I like this!

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What I like about ARTistic Pursuits is that it really shows that we can make all kinds of art based off of what the weather is like outside, what is making news, what the playground looks like, taking a collage and drawing that collage. It helps students to think of Art in a real life way.

Then you go into different techniques that some adults don't learn until an art course in college but it makes it easy to understand for kids. You can learn many different styles, find your style and go with it.

My kids were like, "uh, another one?" 

We are moving and it has been stressful and busy. So this I thought would be perfect in them doing this because it could be fun, cover math and art and be low key. They ended up liking it once we were doing it. They loved using a ruler and I think the grid method was perfect for them. It broke it down so they were free drawing but they were being more methodical about how they were going to do it.

They took a picture from the magazine, a picture of their choice, and we got the ruler out. They learned how to measure the picture. They learned how to measure it which is learning math and art. They learned how to make their own grid and how to evenly space their lines.

They then drew a grid on their paper. They started to draw what they saw from the magazine page to their page. They had a lot of fun doing it and I think the grid lesson was perfect for them to give them "guidelines" while allowing them to think outside the box and add things.

After they did the lesson they had fun adding suns and other personal touches to their art pieces.

Things I love about this:

* My Kindergartner could do it with my 4th grader.
* Skills are basic and instructions are written out
* Allows the kids to observe the world around them and draw it or paint it
* They learn different techniques as a lesson
* They can take their time in understanding the technique
* They can do as one lesson or break apart into several lessons

Things I think can be improved:

* That there be workbooks for the kids that compliment the teachers book (If there is one, I wish there could have been available for review as well)
* To finish the lesson, it took longer than just your typical hour. If they could break up each lesson to separate lessons. The example being, we did grids and what they covered in one sit down was more than they could do as a one hour art class. Needless to say, they get the concept but want to really get everything right about each step.

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