Thursday, May 26, 2016

Is there Magic and Wonder to be Had in Multiplication?

My kids got to review Sunya - The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing by Sunya Publishing.  

I took the game with me to a face to face event for my kids where my older son goes, and my daughter was waiting outside. So I thought she could brush up on her skills and help introduce her to multiplication. 

At first, it was confusing and I needed to read the directions several times but I finally got it and another scout of mine and girl who goes to the same face to face event joined in on the game. The way learning can truly happen is through games.

This was not as intuitive as I would have hoped so you as a parent will need to completely sit and read the directions as well as play the game yourself before you  include the kids. I do wish it were more intuitive but I do really like this game.

I like that there are different components of learning math that you can do at the same time.  You can do multiplication, division, and word problems. Even if you have younger ones, you can do the multiplication for the older kids and then teach them that the principle of flipping numbers is the same for multiplication as addition while teaching the younger child to add. Yes, I have done this. 

This is a newer company and product. I love that they have given math a fun name! If you look at the book, you will also see they have given you the history of their company and even some really cool information on math and it's history. 

A little blurb about the word Sunya-- the 'u' is pronounced at a 'oo' and comes from Sankrit which is the ancient language of India. Our number system as well started with India over 1,500 years ago! 

Sunya also means without numbers or quantity, so like Uno, you call 'sunya' when you go out. 

This game supports learning math in a fun way that helps build skills without trying to. Things like basic math skills, being multiply and divide, as well as word problems, learn facts about both math and science, use and build creative thinking skills while doing math, and the most important thing, is to have fun while doing it. 

This isn't about sitting at a desk and doing it but taking it with you on the go and doing it while you wait for t ball to end because the older son is too old for t ball but you have to bring him along anyways. He can get special mommy time while we play while the other two do tee ball, and we can get homework knocked out in a fun way. 

Another thing that impressed me about the company was that they supported other companies that help children. Some of these companies are Safe Kids, Kids Health, Missing Kids, Child's Safety, and Mental Health. Any company in support of other companies that help kids are big in my book! 

Come see more what they are about and try them out here: Sunya Publishing

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