Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Shepherd the Amazing Little Scientist in Your Home

We haven't had the chance before this to use and review Introductory Science Level B from Science Shepherd but jumped at the chance because my kids love their science.

Especially my older son, LOVES, and I mean LOVES science.

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So, when opening the book, I have to say in having a believer and non believer as my children and students, that I was surprised that the first two weeks were religious based. So, for my daughter I would allow her to skip those two weeks to respect her personal belief and allow my son to do it if he wished. I have posted in the past, I am a believer in allowing a kid to explore faith in a wholesome way, but not be forced to do it. So, this part I would live it up to my child.

I love starting this off with The Scientific Method. I think it is a good reminder no matter the level, the process in which one takes to come to a scientific conclusion. It is different than writing or history. So I like that it starts with that.

I also really like that questions are asked within different formats to get students used to different ways to answer questions that they may see later on in life. To expand on that, some of what they use is fill in the blank, multiple choice, short answer, puzzle, video activities, drawing, labeling, etc.

Okay, my favourite week HANDS DOWN was the meteorology week. I like this because it takes what we watch every day on the news and brings into real life and the kids are able to experience it for themselves. I actually have an old fashioned barometer in my house, I love it, and my kids use that to see what the weather would be like.

This course covers dinosaurs, oceanography, motion, astronomy, human beings, animals air, sea, and land, energy, magnets, and much more!

I found this to be SUPER easy for my 4th grader. He would sit down and get this done super fast. Like, a whole unit in a day, fast. He still enjoyed it and learned some new things. The philosophy in my house is that we keep an open mind even on things we know. So he did learn some new things.

My daughter, this was more her speed and she is in the 2nd grade. She liked that the lessons worksheets weren't super long. She learned to show her work in different ways as well.

Overall, I think this is a great course and with a few tweaks, very minor, it could be even better.

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