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13+ Ways Forbrain is the Best to Retrain Your Brain

We were happy to get to review Forbrain by Forbrain-Sound for Life Ltd.

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

One reason I really wanted to do this review was because schooling, home or not, hasn't  been easy for us. Why? Because my kids (and I) have ADHD. Not the overly diagnosised kind that you medicate yourself for. I get that medication works for many but any man made medication, in my opinion, needs to be looked at with scurtiny. At the end of the day, there are drug companies that go and push doctors to prescribe you something. Some doctors are out for your best interest and others are out for the pay out. Why am I saying this? Because simple solutions, no matter how damaging, have become common practice both within the school system and within the social accepted normal.

I see ADHD has a blessing, not a curse. Now, it certaintly is a double edge sword. When I got tested in college, they were stunned, people who have tested people for ADHD for years, that I had survived the school system without someone catching it. ( I am cool like that, what can I say?) I scored in the 98% with only 2% of those with ADHD being worse than I.

I survived childhood and did well in school with been severely ADHD WITHOUT medication. *BAZINGA!*

Me having it means my kids will likely have it too. I didn't want to throw them on medication.
In fact, I didn't assume they had it. Not all kids have it just because their parents do.
So I waited. My eldest son showed signs very strongly from an early age that he had it. My daughter has some form of it as well. Part of it is being a kid yes, but other parts are clearly ADHD.

So, why do I share this with you? 

To let you know you can have a child or yourself that has severe ADHD and be able to think of alternative ways to deal with it. Fish oil is one way. The omegas help your brain. Exercise is another way. ForBrain is another way.

ForBrain  is...
+ helpful with audiotory processing
+ Because it conducts the audio directly over your bone, it transmits it 10 faster than over air
+ Super easy to use
+ Helps with Speech
+ Rechargable
+ Able to be used by everyone in the family

What we liked:
+ You can hear your own voice to know you sound so you can build self confidence in presenting self
+ I am going to even say this has helped me listen to me as a parent towards my kids so I can hear exactly what they hear. Sounds odd, but it is the truth
+ It helped my son's speech because he was struggling to make sense to other people because he still spoke like a toddler and it was frustrating for some. (Less so me, but I understood my child like most people do). Even other people have commented on his growth in the speech area already.
+ It is friendly to use and kids have a natural sense of wanting to explore with things and experiment with their voices so it wasn't hard to get them to use.
+ Helped focus and filter out outside noise by "talking to self" and hearing themselves crystal clear
+ With minor hear loss with my birth defect (cleft palate), it has helped be like my glasses for my ears. Sound funny but true. I can hear things better yet not close to needing hearing aids. So this is a nice in between.
+ Improves attention
+ My daughter loves to sing into it which builds her confidence but she loves to read with it
+ My son uses it when he needs to be super focused on school work
+ My younger son, when he tries to do reading and phonics, this will be tremendously helpful
+I am planning to help with when my kids get upset of having them hear how they sound and help retrain how they deal with situations
+ TREMENDOUSLY help for their ADHD (yay no medication)
+ The most perfect case to keep it protected for continued use-- so important with kids

What we didn't like:
- My daughter was upset she couldn't just use it sing into LOL
- Sometimes would blimp out of working.
- Sometimes would pick up the oddest sounds rather than others- but it was rare.

+ So, this helps confidence boost and it really helps boost yourself
+ It helps you focus what you are saying
+Best Thing Ever

I HIGHLY recommend this product for you and your family. It can help with SO much!
SIMPLY the ONE OF THE BEST PRODUCTS I have reviewed thus far!

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Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

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