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Is LearnBop Actually Worth It for Summer Review?

We got LearnBop for Families for 2-4 kids this year from LearnBop.

Especially over the summer when their math skills need to be practiced to get them ready for the next school year- I am looking for a great program to help with that.  Is LearnBop actually worth it for summer review for the kids? 

I think during the year, this is a great tool for teachers to use with parents to assign homework or as a homeschool parent to be able to assign work to help their math skills. 

When I went in and created their profiles I noticed I could choose their subject. The thing I was surprised at was that the subjects they would be tested on were the same no matter what grade level I choose. It was weird. Of course, my kids are close in age that it could be contributing factor. 

We know K12 well too so I was hoping it would be more interactive and less quiz-like. 

When the first questions popped up for my daughter, she freaked out and had tears running down her face. I cam over and low and behold, it had asked her a question she hadn't had the chance to learn. This apparently was the placement assessment and it did not clue either of us in that this was the case. That is going to be a chief complaint of mine. 

No child is the same. There needed to have been an easier adaptable assessment of sorts to see where the child is. Then bring up questions that help with where they need to start. It would also refuse to allow my daughter to go on if for some reason (on some questions) she didn't know the answer. 

She is in 2nd grade going into 3rd. I was stoked to use this to get her a jump start over the summer in math as it is a subject she struggles in. And it only starts a 3rd, so it's not like I could do 2nd for her. So I was hoping this would be a good bridge, if you will, for her. 

My next thing was that my son was able to sit down and do it. He had a much easier time since he is going into 5th grade and has completed most of 4th grade. He sometimes also struggles with math. So I put his level at 4th grade and he seems to be doing fine with it. He says he doesn't like it, but I think it is hopefully going to help refresh his skills so when he goes into 5th grade math he won't need so much the refreshers. 

And sometimes, it is honestly more about what they need rather than what they want. 

Every child is different. Both of mine and this program I had different reasons for wanting to do. I think my daughter won't be able to do this (so I may use with a friend's child I sometimes have over and sit). My son I want to really work on this though more throughout the summer. He needs the practice and the concepts aren't out of his league. 

Who this is Good For...

A child who has been exposed to the concepts and needs more practice. Or a child who knows and want to learn ahead. This can work well for both of these sets of kids. I think it is worth a try for kids 4th grade and up. 

Parents-- also, you get an account with this so I am stoked to be able to follow along with my children as they learn the math to see how it is being taught today! SUPER helpful! 

What the Kids Thoughts are!

"I think that they need to do a more thorough introduction and survey of what they (the student) like and what rewards they want to earn. It is  a lot like (another online program).. I want it more fun." ~ My 10 year old son. 

"I don't like it at all. It is not personalised at all. It is worse than (another online program). No rewards. It does pictures but they aren't good graphics. They should make it more personalised. For example, I like pokemon. So if I get it right, a pokemon cartoon can come on. But if I get it wrong, a pokemon will pop up and go 'pow'. " ~10 year old son

"It is too hard. They started off with a hard question I don't know!!! The questions are too hard. You don't know if there is a beginner third grader or not-- you are just giving them hard work. When you think of a beginning third grader, a middle third grader, and an ending third grader, they are different. You are putting it all together. It is very stressful." ~ My 8 year old daughter. 
All in All...

Not our favourite math program. I would prefer another that I can use with all the kids. 
I think this is great for review for the kids WHILE they are doing it or after they do it. 

So we WILL be using it as say a tutor or homework to the lessons they need help with to brush up their skills. I think with more time they will like it especially for my daughter once the concepts are more concrete in her thinking. 

One of the biggest things I LOVE about it is summed up in a picture here below!

They give a subscription to another student who would otherwise not be able to use the program when you buys yours. I love this BOGO offer kind of thing. It's not just the deal. It means they care about kids' education and accessibility over the summer. 

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LearnBop for Families Review

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