Thursday, June 23, 2016

One of the Best Organisation Tools for Teachers Here

Want to know something to celebrate this coming Friday? Yes, it is something that can make our lives easier! Woot! 

Being able to use My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) by is helpful in trying to make your life easier as a teacher.  

And, as a teacher, I can get wrapped in planning so much that keeping track of it can be a pain in the butt with three children. Let's be real with ourselves. Being creative with lessons and planning them is great but keep track of grades and time spent can just be hard. Some people home school more kids than I do- yes, amazing right?-- my hat is off to you. 

So, I am excited to be able to have access and use this product!  It is solely online. And I honestly think it is good for everyone who is a teacher, teacher's assistant, tutor, learning coach, anything to do with teaching kids. This is a great, if not, one of the best organisation tools I have come across. They took very good care to be thorough and made it easy to use. 

For example, you can see here in the picture that I am able to add classes within classes. This one is for physical education itself for my youngest child. 

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For physical education, I pre-dated Fall Soccer in there so we can see the plan ahead of time for physical education for the fall. I am sure you can add in going to the park and such as well (especially for the younger kids or even I bet walking to the grocery store and just put as long distance walking. We have walked 5 miles in a day before so I most definitely count it as PE). 


 You can add a past date
 You can put in the time spent
 You can put in an actual grade, even as detailed as A+ or A-.
*  You can add notes
*  You can add materials used
* LOVE that  you can see the reading list for each child! I can also add a reading list for each child. 
*  You can add standardize testings and their scores
* You can add extra activities, like scouting, to it as well
*  You can add awards as well, IE boy scout rank, to it as well
* You can add volunteer hours and positions
* Incredibly user friendly
* You can create transcripts and report cards 
* You can add internships, sports, etc 
* You can start the year anytime (IE, if you home school year round)

You can create downloadable pdf's of all the reports that automatically download to the computer. I am super stoked about this because it allows me to show the state when I need to, what they are doing. 

Another cool feature is that I can add sub categories under the main class title. For example, I can put meditation and then put religion (we don't do regular bible studies here because we believe in allowing freedom of religion exploration within school-- that if study one, we study all!).  I can put 5th century Germany under History. So I can keep very meticulous track of what they are studying and the lessons plans that go with it. 


I do wish they would allow you to put in the ability to add a PDF of the work-- a work sample if you will, so you can keep track. This would be perfect for families on the go. I can't tell you how many times that we do an awesome project and somehow it goes missing or we can't find it. This gives the ability to move around without the worry of losing the work. 

Pretty much everything you would need is here and I am very happy with it. I am stoked to be using throughout our school year. 

While this is meant for teachers, I bet parents who wanted to keep track and be proactive in their kids' education could do the same- but really, who has time for that? Teachers barely do. 

This is likely one of the best yet I have seen. 

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