Monday, June 6, 2016

Your Kids Can Become Awesome MaxGuru's Right Now

We get to review MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs by MaxScholar . 

One reason I was glad to do this review was because my younger son, who is not yet is in Kindergarten, has been struggling with learning some of the phonics the way his siblings did. My son was reading huge books by 4 years old. My daughter by 5. So going into Kindergarten, I expected my youngest to be able to have some grasp on phonics. He has had struggles with both the want to sit down and being able do it (he wants to be read to). 

So when we got to review this, I was excited and hopeful that it would help build his skills in reading. Can't believe my baby is growing up! *sheds tear*

After doing this, his reading level and ability in phonics has gone up. I have heard him actually repeat what he is learning. For example, making the "t" sound.

He is also learning patience in not trying to type the answer before the question has been completed. Hahaha- I call that kiddie patience. Pretty normal for the kiddos his age.

I am excited for him to be more than prepared for Kindergarten.

I really like that if you have a kid that struggles with patience or ADHD or any kind of learning disability, chances are they will be doing well with this program. I have several kids with ADHD, yes, the real kind, not the overly diagnosised kind, and they do well with this program. For this, it is great because it multi-sensory making it easier for them to learn.

For my daughter- she didn't do the MaxPhonics like my son. She did the MaxReading. I like it because there was a pretest in the beginning to see where her level was at. Then she could say whether it was too hard for her or not. She reads the text and then has comprehension questions after to test how well she read it.

She did the pretest and passed with flying colours (no surprise there). She went to the next story which was about Airport terminals. She didn't seem super thrilled about doing it. She did it begrudgingly. It ended up glitching on her while she was working. She loved that they throw in silly but smart answers in the mix to make her laugh when doing the quiz at the end of the story. My daughter completely had a hard time though when the puzzle/game came up and it resulted in her walking away very upset. It did not explain it to her and assumed she knew it. This resulted in me being frustrated because she was having a hard time. Of course, she could have clicked "Too hard" but by that time she was not seeing that at all. I am sure with time, she will get the hang of it and end up enjoying it.

+ Something I really like about this program is that the minute you log in, they walk you through how to do it. 
+ The program is broken down and easy for those kids who seem to know technology well to use
+ When they get something wrong, it will simply say, "Try Again" instead of 'you got it wrong' or 'incorrect'.
+ Teachers and parents both have use to this to help build their skills in school
+ Too hard button if it is too hard
+ My kid didn't want to stop

- I wish that the parent portal was easier to get into, I had several problems logging in
- A couple of glitches while she was taking the test at the end of story for the older girl
-  Not as intuitive for the older levels
- My kid didn't want to stop- lol. 

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MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review

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