Friday, August 19, 2016

Enter to Win a $25 Online Gift Card!

I got to review and blog the website and store for

Before you let the name put you off...

I am shopping for a family of mixed beliefs and I was able to do it. So you can too!

I looked the statement that said, "We are not for profit, we are for purpose." I clicked on the link to find out what that meant.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this shop is a non profit and gives to a lot of charities to try to do a lot of good in this world. There is nothing better than giving back in my opinion. I am more likely to go back and buy from a company that gives back than one that doesn't. They work to give back by working with World Vision and Back2Back Ministries amongst others.

I mean, you can see it here in more detail, but they helped with feeding Guatemalans, raising more than $166,000 for Destiny Rescue that fights human trafficking, which they started to fix in Romania and Dominican Republic. The Haiti Challenge, they raised more than $280,000 to build a NICU Orphanage. They gave more than $50,000 to a Chinese Orphanage as well. They have more than 160,000 child sponsorships through World Vision.

Basically, they help and they give back! That is definitely making me feel better about shopping there.


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It didn't come without challenges though.

First, I didn't get the coupon with the code I needed.

So I called.

They were great and emailed me the code I needed to shop online. (I got the same $25 I am giving away on this blog.) So I went searching online for things that would be within that range.

First thing I suggest is making an account just so you can save your cart. Just in case. I had to re enter something more than once but it was over a longer period of time. I am a mum after all and chasing them around so I fit everything, including shopping into that!

So I continued to shop. I found some really good things actually.

Think that you can shop here if you aren't Christian?

You are right!

There are things that are Christian related, no doubt. But there are some good secular things as well.

There are toys, games, cups, books, movies, etc.
If you look enough, you can find something you will like, promise.

They even have a summer reading club that if you read 6 books you get one free for kids. That is on top of the "Buy One, Get One 50% Off" Sale.

They also apparently have active wear too but I didn't see that. (But just so you know...)

Enter to Win a $25 Online Gift Card!, FlyBy Promotions, Give away,, Promotions, Sales, Product Review, Site Review, Via Bella, Enter to Win, Family Site, Shopping

So what did my cart look like?

So, I know it is August, but I am already thinking about Christmas. So I used the $25 to get a few things-- one thing for each child of mine (three of them) and one for me.

I got:

"Let Your Faith Be Bigger" Tumbler 22 Ounce
"Beautiful"- Tumbler 22 Ounce
"Today is Going to Be a Great Day" Adult Colouring Book
Travel Spirograph
Skillet Skullcap
VeggieTales Egg Decorating Kit

All this for less than $25!

Enter to Win a $25 Online Gift Card!, FlyBy Promotions, Give away,, Promotions, Sales, Product Review, Site Review, Via Bella, Enter to Win, Family Site, Shopping
Totally cool right?

I was able to get my daughter and myself a tumbler. I am giving her the beautiful one and myself the bigger faith one. I also got the colouring book for my daughter (and myself for special time). She loves colouring with me for her and I time and actually wants me to get her a set of adult colouring books just for her for Christmas. The travel spirograph is for my older son.  He loves to be kept busy. So I have a feeling he will be possessive of it. I also got my youngest son the Skullcap and egg decorating kit. It is almost winter so it seems obvious for the cap but for the egg decorating, even during winter, it is a fun activity to do when it is too cold to go outside.

Overall, I struggled to really be able to use my gift certificate but when I called they were super helpful in the process. And that speaks volumes.

Other things I would tell them they should fix:
1) The scrolling side bar is the same colour as the side bar itself. It makes it hard to see where to grab the scrolling side bar to move the page up and down.
2) Some items that looked cool weren't available once I tried to add them to my cart
3) There should be a separate online store with a tab for what is available in person (as they have in person locations across the nation).
4) To fix the coupon issue once things are loading into the cart

If you have any issues though, don't hesitate to call and they will help you out!!

I can't wait to get these items in the mail and will have to find a place to hide them for a few months!

*I received this gift certificate to use as I wish in exchange for my honest review from Fly By Promotions and Family * 

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