Saturday, August 6, 2016

How Pop Manga Adult Colouring Is The Best

Feeling like we are about to have that moment together that if you are reading this, you remember the once upon a time when you used to colour. Now you may say, "I no longer have time for it!" or "colouring is for babies!" "I am going going to colour- I have got better things to do!"

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You, yes, YOU can colour! I am telling you it has been a way for me to have either me time or my daughter bursts in (as you can see the picture) to have a mum-daughter colouring session. This has been a very helpful way to connect with my daughter actually.
 It has been nice as well because I haven't been able to have a creative outlet like this in a while. Not that I am good at it but it is nice to stimulate that part of my brain. 

As far as this book goes, I like it. Nothing about it is realistic but yet it is real. It is made of dreams and it is made of nightmares. Some of it is the weird things you dream about-- what if you had a mermaid tail? What if you had a helmet that made ice cream out of your head? What if you had a tree growing out of your head?

I won't lie, I had to put the book down because I was getting so much into it that I would be cooped up in my room for hours just colouring. I am really not trying to finish this book in a quick go but it is so good and very therapeutic.

With everything going in my life it could not have come in better timing for me to not have to read, think, rather just to be. As I would colour, I would just allow myself to feel. Cry if I needed- which really didn't happened, but let's pretend it did. It helped me be present most of all where I was at. 
I love that you can colour everything, including the cover.

This book is by Camilla d'Errico who is a Manga artist and surrealist. It is her first colouring book and I think an absolute hit. So much so that my daughter wanted to have me give it to her. 

I suggest it for anyone who loves pop manga art. 
If you don't like it, you can easily gift it! 

* This book was given to me in exchange for my honest review*


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