Monday, August 1, 2016

Math Made Easy For All Your Kids

We get the CTCMath Homeschool Membership   from CTCMath.

I am super stoked to try this out and help with the review over the summer and into the year next year. Why?

Math is a lost art. Okay, maybe not art, but you get the jest of what I am trying to say. Not many can hold up their math skills over the summer without the much needed practice that everyone needs to keep up a skill.

Math is not my kids' favourite thing to do- which makes it all the more important for them to practice, especially over the summer when there is a less-regime kind of learning.

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The diagnosis test was easier for my daughter, an incoming 3rd grader, than it has been in other programs that we have tried. This is a great thing. Then she let the fact it was a test get to her. She freaked out because she said the beads on the virtual abacuses were too clear and too close together for her to count. She doesn't like the tests at all. I wish it was more interactive just help those with test anxiety. When she got to the daily tasks though, she liked those and breezed through those without any problem. In fact, by the time I came down to check on her, she had breezed through 5 tasks within 30 minutes. Um, go you! You are good at math baby girl!

I love that in the test area in general though, you can click the audio if you don't understand. This is a milestone ahead of some other programs we have tried.

My older son, less amused with math, did sit down and do the test and then started his daily task. He breezed through the first few lessons and then went to Roman Numerals and had a little bit harder of a time doing it. So this is great because it means it is right at his level. Not too easy and not to hard. To reinforce roman numerals, I think I am going to teach him out to take notes using them. Just like I learned growing up and still use to this day.

My little one, this is his first time (oh my, his first time, did I just say that?! Ah! He is growing up!) doing math in a sit down and learn it kind of fashion rather than just in a game-it's-just-for-fun fashion. Just like my older son, the first few were easy for him and then they started testing him where he needed to learn more.

I think that for my little one, he was way more jazzed about doing it then my other two. That being said, he may also have known more of the information he was being taught better in terms of being ready.

I like this because some programs can go too easy or too hard on a child in their programs. I like this also because I can use to supplement throughout the year (and perfect even for those that send their kids to brick and mortar schools). I can even use it as the whole math program for the year as well. So it allows for flexibility for you.

The kids can also move on, start anywhere, skip sections they already know, etc. You can go straight to the test and see if they know it. If they do, you can just as easily skip and move on.

For the teacher portal, I love it. Easy to use. Intuitive. Easy to add more than one lesson to their tasks and be able to pick and choose what they learn, when they learn it and how they learn it. I really appreciate this.

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