Friday, August 5, 2016

Missy Franklin- Dream Big, Have Faith, Go For the Gold

I wanted to have my daughter review this book in time for the Rio 2016 Olympics. What better timing right?

We get to know, as the public, about the accomplishments, maybe even snippets of the life of the athletes but we don't really know. Even this book gives insight in a way that just watching the Olympics wouldn't. At the end of the day, who is Missy Franklin and why should girls look up to her?

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I was excited to see this book because my daughter, I feel, could use inspiration from all parts of the world and especially from girls who are like me and sporty. Showing that you can be born with innate gifts and be able to hone them in and foster them. Sometimes we focus so much as to what is socially acceptable instead of thinking outside the box and I love that Missy and her family were able to do that for her to be able to be the amazing world-record holding Olympian that she is.

I can't wait to use this book to help inspire even other girl scouts, but especially my daughter. I am thinking of making several lessons out of it for her. Literature, Life Skills, and Inspiration for her. I want my daughter to feel like she can do anything.

This is perfect, as the example above, to use for homeschool. The ways you can use it can be infinite.

This book reminded me a little bit about the biographies you would read of your favourite stars that you fell in love with when you were a kid. This is written in even greater depth than some I have seen and done well and with class.

If you are doing a class in Olympics this year, which is likely what I will be doing, make this a read for everyone. No matter if they are boy or girl. The story of inspiration is real and awesome.

Via's Review:
Missy franklin is an Olympic swimmer, she could swim when she was a toddler. Her birthday is May 10,1995. Some of her hobbies are:reading,dancing,and baking. She's a fearless swimmer. Sometimes I wonder what would I ask her if she was here. If you are reading the book Swimming with faith you are in for a wonderful treat. It's about a women who is an amazing swimmer. You will be amazed by the story,Missy Franklin a wonder filled women who has another adventure after the other. I feel she's an inspiration to others that can't swim. The book has really good information  about her and I think you should read the book swimming with faith. That is all peace out.....

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