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Pete's Dragon Movie: A Boy and His Unusual Friend

"Puff the Magic Dragon" isn't sung...
We still haven't figured out how the dragon ate...
I really don't think the boy, Pete, could have survived eating mushrooms...
We were thinking about how if the brother kills the dragon, he will get in a lot of trouble with the feds...

But how was the movie?

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Amongst my group, some thought it was alright and some like it a lot.

My daughter at first did not like it as much. She has been a critic of movies lately. She really didn't like The Secret Life of Pets at all. She soon changed her mind about Pete's Dragon though.

If you allow yourself to get lost in the story, you will enjoy it.

The movie starts out with Pete and his family in the car. They tell him how strong and adventerous he is. There is a car accident that takes his parents' life and he is left on his own. He runs into the forest. Where a pack of wolves try to eat him. Then a mysterious and big creature stomps through scaring the animals saving Pete. They become inseparable after.

You will also notice how there wasn't a search for the boy, Pete, after the car accident. So you feel like it jumped a scene. It may be the magic of the forest that this happens and the focus is on the new found and built relationship between the dragon and the boy.

Fast Forward 6 years...

You will notice how this boy, who got lost in the woods at age 4 or 5, somehow has learned English as if he were in school. Maybe it's by the magic of the dragon. He is now about 11 years old.

Back in town, there is a man, Mr. Meacham, who swears he has seen the dragon in his tall tales. After no one believing him, he tales get taller for the reaction. His own daughter, Grace, does not believe him. She knows the woods inside and out. She protects them. She works for the National Park Service.

The person she is to marry is in the wood cutting business and he has a brother. All about business the brother is and he starts cutting into the forest, deeper than should be allowed, affecting the home of the boy and the dragon. Because of this, the boy is found.

Everyone tries to adjust him to being in the human world and all he wants is to be with his dragon, Elliott. Natalie, the girl that is his age, is one to help adjust Pete and they become friends. But his heart is with his dragon.

But, the bigger question, after the brother catches the dragon, who will go to great lengths to protect and free it? Who will help Pete? Who will help Elliot, the dragon? Who can't believe anymore in the tales of the city?

There is so much more to happen in the movie- but that is for you to watch. What I can tell you...

I found myself really loving this story. I think it is a classic.

As a parent, this was a great movie. Not once did my kids flinch or were scared. I love the magic, the value of tales and caring for the woods that it creates in this story. It will bring back memories if you saw the older version from the 70s but I did not see it. It still felt magical and nostalgic for me, although I felt it lacked some details (ie: how did the dragon eat? How did the boy survive on mushrooms? How did he learn English so quick?) but although that bugs me I loved the overall feel to the movie.

Does it have similarities to Jungle Book that came out earlier this year? Yes.
Does that mean you shouldn't see this? Absolutely not.

I still think it is a cute story and really takes us back to yester year of what Disney was and the magic that it brought into the lives of children with this stories that we heard growing up. I see myself buying this for my kids for Christmas, I am sure. It is a classic that will pass down.

I personally give it a 4 out of 5 (because of details).


10 Year Old Son:
I think the movie is pretty good besides the weird malfunction with the 3-D glasses at the beginning. The story was great and the graphics are amazing. It is a great movie and a Disney classic. Overall, I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. The only problem is that that either the film or the glasses didn't work in the start, but besides that, it's pretty great.

8 Year Old Daughter:
I think the movie is the greatest movie I ever seen. I think that a lot of people should see the movie peter's dragon. It's  a rally  good movie, it's about a boy that was on an adventure with his parents then... BAM they hit a deer. And if you want to hear more go and watch the movie. V out...

5 Year Old Son:
" Good. There is a dragon and a kid. I love that part. Sad part when they shooted it. Other parts were good. No one knows the whole time. They put him in the thing and the kids took the chains off and he turns invisible. Then the kids help. He goes. Bye!"
So as you can see, my kids liked the movie as did I. It will be a treasure and classic for sure.
It seems as if they are making, actually, remaking, a lot of classics in such a way that they will be part of a series of bringing old classics back to life in a modern way for the younger generation.

The movie comes out 12 August 2016 and I am sure it will be a box office hit! A great way to celebrate the end of summer or the start of school with your kids!

Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Redford, Oakes Fegley, Wes Bentley, Karl Urban, Oona Lawrence, Craig Hall, Isiah Whitlock

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