Monday, August 15, 2016

The Best Way to Get Tattoo Ideas... Colour!

I have been wanting to get a tattoo... since, I don't know, as far back as I can remember as a teen! Not just because it is the cool thing to do or the fad but because I wanted something artistic on my body. To celebrate who I was. Who I am.

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I have this massive scar on the back of my leg and I would like to cover it up-- not to cover it up per say- but to show that our scars do not define us. It can become something beautiful. A part of who we are.

I have this idea of what I want for a tattoo though and a location of what it would be and where it would go. I want a tiger jumping out of flames in a 3D way on the my lower back. I have to wait until I am totally done having children though (and I know there will be no more for sure) so I can preserve the tattoo.

So, for the scar on the back of my leg, I am looking into different kinds of tattoos. I wasn't sure how I would want to transform it. But it has to become something beautiful and transformed.

So I was excited when I got to review this colouring book!

The author, rather artist, behind "Marked in Ink" colouring book is none other than Megan Massacre of NY Ink, and America's Worst Tattoos. I venture to definitely not be on the second show....  so I want to be sure the tattoo I get is right and done right.

What I like about this book is that there is a little bit of every thing in it!

Some pictures remind me of Dia de los Muertos, some are classic roses, some are Native American some inspired, some fantasy, some simple design, some spiritual, some nature and more.

I love that is varied so much.

Two of the pictures I first coloured, was the Shot Through the Heart one with the torch near it. I coloured it to resemble chakras of an inner person and being aligned. I feel like this one resonates with me deeply since I have been separated and recently made news of it. It was perfect for me. And I even made the torch like the olympic torch.

Another picture I coloured the was dream catchers. I love dream catchers. I made them each their own colour to represent chakras. I even got inspired while colouring it to teach my girls during Native American History Month this year how to do dream catchers and what they are about.

So, I was about to not only process what I was going through and show that you can still make beautiful something painful but also got some really cool ideas from the book.

I love that you can take the pictures out of the book and slip them back in as if they were a portfolio. I am going to have so much fun finishing this book!!!

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review *

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