Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Welcome to Life, It's Not Fair- So Love It Anyways!

Life is messed up... it just is! And sometimes you don't have the right words.

Because life sucks sometimes-- you find out you may have breast cancer. Your child has a learning disability. You are wondering what is next in life. The day you sign the contract for your house the roof in one of the rooms collapses in (when there were absolutely no previous signs of it before). Yes, this is real. Life is real. Not all fairy tales.

It calls for someone to be real with you. It calls for someone to make you laugh. It even calls on having someone making you cry. It calls on you to try to better yourself.... no matter the circumstances.

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And dang... I think I found a new friend... that I actually have to meet one day and form a life long friendship with because she speaks my language. She knows that those that struggle in life struggle in faith. She doesn't try to have the answers. But in the way she rights  writes (yes, that was on purpose, just because) it does enough to lighten the soul, be real, and grow. That is a gift!

She will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Because life is full of crude humour. There is no softening of truth, there is no over the top (okay, maybe a little) humour...She just is!

Thank you for speaking my language Melanie Dale! Thanks for writing "It's Not Fair".

I have absolutely fallen in love with this book!

It is like I am looking in a mirror, looking back in time to the me that would have kicked my butt for having negativity at all. Someone who would have said, make fun of it, move on. It also would have been indirectly negative with good intentions like 'move on, no one cares'. But this book is such a good read if you need that person in the mirror looking back at you helping you by making fun of real life situations. It will teach you to look at things with the right, in my opinion, perspective.

Many times we look at situations with grimace and seldom do we find something funny in the midst of a hard situation. I remember having surgeries as a kid and the doctor and nurses and I would have to make fun of the situation. Like them telling me that if I wanted to be come a rap star that they would refuse to do the operation but if it were smooth jazz we were good. LOL. I don't even remember how the conversation started, so don't even ask. It's been a decade... okay fine, maybe two!

I even may have my kids read this book at some point of their life. Heck, I may make this required reading for them in high school. I home school (and may be letting my kids discover physics through play right this second while I am still wearing what I wore to bed- we are all happier for all of this). It has the right perspective on life in my opinion and how to deal with hard situations.

There is a rarely a page in this book I didn't literally laugh out loud. Hopefully anyone walking by didn't think I was crazy while I was reading in my sanctuary-- aka, my porch.

I can guarantee, especially if you are off-the-cuff kind of person like me, you will enjoy this book. If fact, a bold claim I may have, but I genuinely think many many people will be touched by this book. This is one of the best books I have reviewed all year (and I have reviewed over 50 easily!). 

Thanks for being a healthy dose of medicine I needed today and during this very incredibly hard and difficult time in my life.

You rock planets Melanie!

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