Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Well, Isn't That Punderful!


What does that title mean?

Well, I am stoked to get to review a game! It's Punderful!

Actually the game is called Punderdome.

We LOVE puns in the house... like a lot. (Like totally!)

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So this is a great game.

You take the card, ask the quick draw question and then whoever gets it right gets 30 extra seconds to come up with a pun from the green card and the white card. For example:

Q: What's the most gullible candy?
A: Suckers

Then the two cards that you had to make a pun with was:
Cosmetics and Singing

We came up with: Lip Service

It is a lot of fun. Seriously.

First person to 10 pairs of cards wins the mystery prize.

I can put this into my purse, which I did, and brought with me when we dog sat a friend's dog. So in between taking the dog out with the kids, not sure of who was walking who, we sat down and did some school work and play this game.

Some of the fun pun questions are not the most appropriate for kids but most all of them really are.

 It is like sitting in the car and listening to pun joke after pun joke after pun joke from your 8 and 10 year old. Except this is more interactive, better jokes, and a lot of fun.

The other reason I really like this game is that it's not hard to learn how to play. The directions are written on card stock. It is not long and drawn out instructions. It is easy to read and understand.

The biggest thing is you have to bring the mystery prize. It even suggested a microwave... lol. Like a white elephant party.... sort of... Imagine the things you can get rid of....

I would suggest this for anyone looking for a fun new party game!

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