Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What Do Second Chances in Life Really Look Like?

There is no better time for me to be reading this book than right now. I have been going through so much with my separation, as you may or may not know. It has been a brutal process. Some of the responses have been great or been absolutely heart breaking.

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I got this book and it seriously is like it was divined. Which is funny because I am struggling in what faith I am. Not that I don't believe in God, because I do, but how and all the nitty gritty details of it are what is getting me. Besides the point though.

I didn't know who Pat Smith was. I didn't know she used to be married to Martin Lawerence or currently is married to Elliot Smith. I didn't even know that she lived here in the DMV area. DMV area is DC, Maryland, and Virginia. That gets her extra cool points in my book.

The way it is written is as if I am either watching her on YouTube in an inspirational talk or by sitting with her with a cup of coffee to talk to her.

She is nothing shy of candid in here about her struggles. She makes me realise that even some small struggles are big struggles for some people. Mine are pretty big- like, to blow off stem and get it out of my system, I would need to climb to Mount Everest and back down- kind of big.

I am so inspired to reach out to her to speak at one of her Treasure You events to help inspire others through my experience but also to be inspired. We all have SO much growing to do in our personal lives whether it is something we admit to or not. I know that with the separation I am going through, I sat back and thought what kind of karma or punishment I am going through with some of the processes that not only got me here but also some of the reactions that ensued after.

This book helped me gain more insight into the fact that I am not the only one and that there are second chances in life we get. It is up to us to quiet our minds just enough to be able to listen.
Then even that is not enough. We have to be able to act swiftly on what our higher self is telling us to do and do so pure of heart.

In this book she shares stories of herself, her friends, and people who she has met along the way that highlight her points.

I don't know if it is just timing on why I like this book a lot- but I really do. I think, even including some of the spiritual points she brings up (she is minister) she does so in a real and loving way. You don't feel pressured to believe in Him because her point isn't that but to show you that you have second chances in life. Period.

Think you screwed up?
You have a second chance.

Have you been divorced?
You have a second chance.

Have you been so hurt and reacted?
You have a second chance.

We all have second chances in life. Repeatedly. Something I am struggling with so thank you Pat! I would love too, if we could connect. I feel like you speak right to me and I could easily see connecting and making a friendship. :)

* This book received in exchange for honest review- opinions are mine alone *

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