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What is One of the Best Ways to Learn Foreign Languages?

We will be reviewing their Spanish Program, with the Starter Set 1 by Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids. I am VERY excited about this and my kids have turned out to be excited about it.

My older son wanted to do Latin and my daughter French. They will and I will be learning with them, but since Spanish is a language I know this is what we will be starting with. That is the easiest way to start.

I graduated with Spanish in my background, so that that makes it a lot easier in teaching my kids.

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I was excited actually, more than my kids at first because I had seen the preview of what I was going to get to do with the kids. I knew they were going to like it.

One of the reasons why I was so excited was because when I got the box, I found out it was a local company in Maryland. This company is in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area! Although it would have been considered local for me as well if it were California because that is where I came from. Not going to lie. But DC is home now! Back to the point though, nothing like supporting a local place!

So the first day they were not super stoked on it right away. You didn't hear? This is the newest trend. Make mum aka your teacher feel bad. LOL.

Once the DVD started though, they were glued to it.


It was done with kids teaching kids and in an everyday real kind of way. I love this because this is the most practical way to do it. My kids loved it. And after they watched the DVD, they worked together on the workbook to answer the questions. It was my way of getting the learn team work. It helped that they were on the same level of spanish as each other.

Then, we did something fun... We put stickers (from the packet we got) around the house. We put "El Desayuno" on the cereal box for "Breakfast" and "El Pan" on the bread box.

They were required to ask for it the old fashioned way of learning. When they wanted to make themselves a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and needed the bread, they had to say bread in Spanish instead of in English. This helped to build their skills for learning the word inside and out.

They even had to write all the words they learned for the day in their language notebooks. This is a notebook that we bought for them to use. Just an old fashioned quarter notebook from the local store. This helps them to be able to put the kinetic learning and writing-into-memory learning.

We started using the flash cards and still working on that because my youngest child doesn't read yet.

We had a blast learning it. I wish that the first part of the DVD, "Basketballs aren't for Breakfast" had more components to it through the DVD. Realistically it is how kids learn more and more each day. While it isn't the only mode it is important. So each day, if they get to watch the DVD with a lesson and then go to the workbooks that would be great. I don't like having them to do the entire work book in one day.

Looking in to the future, I think if they modified it just a little, it could be an easy and fun way for anyone, including adults, in learning foreign language as well. Sometimes we are visual and not textual.

I am learning, well, actually relearning, some of the things I had even forgotten and the fun facts about different countries and as such I am having fun learning with my kids. I am loving them wanting to wake up and start Spanish after Meditation.

Kid's Review:

I think that the foreign language program is pretty good and it doesn't have many problems. The only problem is that EVERYTHING is in Spanish, if they some translation, I would like it more. Overall, I give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5 stars.

It is a fun process to learn Espanol You learn about new words and it is fun. It is a little bit hard too. But once you learn more, it gets more fun as you learn. You can talk Spanish around your house and everything. I really think it is good.

I like the thing. It's a little bit hard but I still know how to do it. Desayuno!!! Pequena.
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Beginner Spanish Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review

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