Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Humour + History +Advice= Alexander Hamilton's Guide to Life

Somebody.... not naming names... was apparently very cheeky!
And very wise....

He was orphaned as a child and ended up on the $10 bill. I haven't ended up on a $10 bill yet but I can relate to having been orphaned and just being headstrong. This can take you very far in life if you can harness it.

Yep, Alexander Hamilton.

So, bigger question...

What can we learn from a dead dude? Especially one that held such power in America's making?

So, so much! That's the answer.

I am not too well versed in history or Alexander Hamilton. So forever forgive me on that. So purely going on what is said here with some little research.

He was the ultimate underdog and had to fight his way to the top. He has a heck of a personality. He was a fighter. An optimist. An realist.

This is a book aimed for history buffs, pop culture addicts and pretty much anybody. It is mixed with biography, humour, history and lessons.

Here is the 10 Topics they cover...

1. Self Improvement
2. Career Advancement
3. Romance
4. Money
5. Style + Etiquette
6. Leisure
7. Friends + Family
8. Leadership
9. Office Politics
10. Honour

I like that you can skip back and forth. So you don't have to read from beginning to end. And all the little bits and pieces are pretty short. It isn't hard to see why this is a great book.

Sometimes it's hard to see the difference between when there is history fact and humour sometimes but most of the time you can tell. Especially at little things like mentioning a kindle and his book collection. (He was an avid reader as well).

This is so well written that you can just sit and read for days on end for fun. You would not have caught me dead reading history for fun as a teenager but this is cool to be able to read this now. Now that there isn't any tests. Haha. But for real, it is well done.

In terms of learning actual lessons in the book, I think it does have some cool fun offerings. There is some good advise. Some of it pretty ballsy in my opinion but still worth listening or trying out. I am going to have fun reading this again and again!

I have a serious feeling I am going to have to hide this book during the holidays in fears that it may get jacked by family... We have serious cases of book nerd going on... so... LOL

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