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A Fun New + Kid Approved Way to Send Emails In Today's World

Have you ever wondered what it was like to have an email that is built for kids? My kids and I get to review the Annual Subscription by

In today's world, you have to be extra careful with what platforms your children use online. It is a simple fact. There is so much bullying online we can't control. So many things that are not okay for your kids, no matter their age, to be viewing. Let alone talking about emails.

Emails can be a freeing thing but for kids you want to make sure that you are in the know of how it works for your kids and making sure there is nobody emailing your child that shouldn't be. Sometimes that is a hard thing to monitor.

But not anymore...

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Kids Email is awesome and the answer you have been looking for.

Your kids will love it as well as you!

My kids love writing their grandparents on it. And for my youngest, who isn't yet typing words or reading, isn't left out. He can just simply draw pictures! Or take pictures.

I thought this morning my daughter was going to take a picture of her cereal bowl and send it to her grandparents but she really wanted to show this new book she is writing based on a dream she had.
I think that is super cool.

My kids' grandparents, and all the extended family, live thousands of miles away. So getting together happens only during special occasions. Like going for Thanksgiving or their great grandfather's 90th birthday. (Who by the way, also has email!).

My kids' cousins, aunt and uncle live in Indonesia as well to even boot. So communication with them is even more scarce. While it is  sad that they live so far we now have modern technology that keeps all of us in the world bonded.

So they can communicate. How special-- right?

As a Parent:
What I love as a parent is the features!!!

Copy of Email-- Whenever the send or get an email, I am cced on it and sent a copy. This puts me at ease with mine being so young in being able to communicate and email their family around the world.

Time restrictions-- If I wanted to, and sometime in the future I think I will have to do this with my online-capable and socially aware children, I can put a time stamp on how long they are online and sending emails. This is helpful especially since the kids would email to avoid doing school work. Don't all we mamas know this? Ha.So time stamps and restrictions are helpful.

Block Senders-- If you know there is someone who isn't being appropriate with your child than you can block them for being able to be emailed or your child getting emails or getting them from someone else. This is very helpful for the safety of our children.

Mail Queue-- If there is rules you set in place that you put online you can stop emails from going out when they break these rules. You can approve the email if you wish, but you can also stop the email.

Contact Manager-- You can add, delete, edit and monitor the contact list for your children.                  
GPS Tracker-- If they email on the app you can see from where they are emailing. While this is less of a necessity for me right now, as they become teens, this could be vital.

No Ads-- simply put and big "oh yes!".

Remove Links-- you can remove links from being sent or received.

Language-- You can filter out curse words

Templates-- They can each choose from a different home screen. So if someone wants super hot pink (*cue my gag*) or teddy bears or a car they can choose that.

Read it Back-- They can get the read it back feature as well for kids like my youngest who are still building their reading skills. This has to be one my favourite features because my youngest doesn't fully know how to read and this allows them to learn more how to read in a more practical way.

Drawing Board-- The kids can get creative or sign their name in colour and draw a cool picture to go with their email. They can even just draw and send a picture.

Grandparents are going to LOVE this!!! If you have parents that have email they are going to love getting these cute little drawings and stuff from their grand kids.

Customer Service
Their customer service is top notch! When I was looking at the site to see how it worked a window popped up with their rep. Needless to say, we talked. It was funny because I normally don't talk in the chat but this time I did. We ended up hitting it off and talking for a while and joking. Totally made my day and I smile when I think of it. Because not only did they have great customer service, they were extremely nice and personable.

What the Kids Thought! 
 My son wishes that you can send it snail mail or have the option to. Got to love getting mail.

"I really liked how you could send emails in a kid style fashion. Plus you can draw pictures of anything unlike normal email and its a app so you can send a email any where Wi-Fi is available. I give the app 5 stars, 3 stars for construction, 1 1/2 stars for kid-friendly setup and 1/2 a star just because they were awesome."


"A great way to communicate with others without Facebook or Twitter" - by via

Basically, if you have kids, try this out free for 30 days! Then if you like it and your kids like it, pay for what is such a great deal! Promise you won't regret it! 

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