Thursday, September 29, 2016

Oh Baby Baby.... Look in The Mirror

So this book... yes, another baby book... Oh baby!!!

This is a combination book between a baby book, rhyming book, and a mirror book. At first I thought the book was have mirrors on each page or have a handle for the baby to carry the book. To no such availability. (This could make the book better by the way!).

Overall, it is an ordinary board book. It's cute.

Illustrations were cutely done and definitely a draw in.

I wish though, even though attempted and well done for the most part,  especially given the social situations of today, that there were more diversity in the illustrations. I say this because while there was an attempt to do this and it was mostly done, I felt like it could have been done better. It is a progression and done well though.

There are cute pictures ones where the baby is reaching for the cat's tail (that every parent can relate to) or where the stuffed animal is sleeping in the same position as the baby. There is even one with a big sister holding a baby. So the parents get some cute moments out of it too!

There is a mirror at the end of the book where the mum can write the baby's name and I think that is a cute idea. Especially for teaching the baby their name early on. My kids knew their names early on even in writing before they could obviously write it themselves or read. So I like the idea of being able to to customize it.

I had two girl scouts by the way who decided to play school in my house... on a Saturday. Don't ask me why but they did. I gave them the book to help tell me what they thought.

Rosie said that she thought that the "God loves you too" was out of place because there was no other mention of God in the book and then, and I quote, "It was cute little rhymes and then all the sudden bam! God loves you. It was just weird." That being said she is 10 years old.

This will make a perfect Birthday or Christmas or Hanukkah present for any baby or toddler. So enter to win for yourself or for that little one in your life to gift to!

If you are one of my friends and you are reading this, don't tell yourself, but this is about to be an awesome present to one of you... and I don't know who yet, so start fighting over it now. Hahaha. But for real, I am going to bless someone with it!

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review* 

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