Friday, September 2, 2016

A Kid Approved Holiday Cookbook = A Big Win!

This is a very cute Holiday Cookbook For Kids. Berenstain books are such a classic. Something I grew up with and something my kids are starting to learn to appreciate and grow up with as well.

So what better way than to review a holiday cookbook on labour day weekend!

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When given the option to choose between this book and a kids sleeping book it was no contest for the the three of my kids, 5, 8 and 10. Even my 10 year old was excited about this. But would it be okay considering the last book we read I was not too happy with (not that it wasn't good but not what I expected from a Berenstain book)?

When we got this in the mail, my kids were jumping up and down hysterically I might add at 9pm. The time the doorbell rang and our UPS guy left it for us. We basically have become friends with him because of the books we get to review... Hehe. I suspect he will want Girl Scout Cookies when they come in a few months.

Speaking of sweet goodies, the first thing my daughter wanted to make was the pink popcorn. Since we didn't have the oil based food colouring it was onto the next thing. She wanted to make a smoothie.

So we made a fruit smoothie. "The Red Bear-y Smoothie" from the book.

Since we didn't have raspberries we just used blueberries instead. Rebels, we are, I know!

It was great because my daughter has REALLY got into cooking recently. So I used it to talk about fractions, and different things in the fruit while we were doing it. It was actually a great mother daughter moment.

I suspect that we will be making a lot more things together.

This book breaks down into holidays and very cute things. Even a candy corn drink that, parents *hmm, clears throat*, you could spike for yourself if you wanted around Halloween. Just saying. Shh, I didn't tell you that though!

Really though, a good family bonding book and one of my favourite Berenstain books thus far.

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