Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Blasting The Year Off with this Astronomy Curriculum

My kids and I are reviewing the textbook, two notebooks and CD set called Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition from Apologia Educational Ministries

Astronomy is something that is strong in this house. We love it. Like... L.O.V.E, it. In fact, we can't wait and are counting down the days (less than a year by three days) until the full solar eclipse comes over the United States. We hear them many other places, but not here. I don't ever in my life remember a solar eclipse and the astronomy geek in me is super exited. 

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So when we got the chance to review this product we were excited. I love that it came with two notebooks for each child. This was a great way to make sure that each had their own and could use it well and get the most out of it. My youngest listened to the audio book with the other two kids so he didn't have to worry about trying to read along with them. This is something I appreciated very much! 

The one thing we didn't like so much was that it said it was for mid elementary grades and my son already knew some of the stuff as did my daughter. Therefore they felt it was repetitive to what they learned as basics. At least my little one learned it. 

They did love writing their name on the cover and doing the mnemonic to remember the order of the planets. Their silly ones made absolutely no sense. "My Vertebrae Eats Moms Just So Us Nuts." Oh my! The little match book they got to make allowed them to tell or rather write what they learned about each of the things; the Hubble, NASA, and more. 

What I like about the notebooks is that the cut out and do parts of it get re-glued or stapled back into the book. I like that because it keeps it better organised. 

My kids are doing one of the matchbook creations right now. I love this because they can write down any facts they learned and put one for each page. They then staple it together or glue and put it back into their notebooks. 

I am loving listening to them actually get along and work together to figure out the directions for the project as we speak- well, technically as I write this. They are 5th grade (my astronomy lover) and my 3rd grader (who is less than happy about doing the facts right now). 

They, especially my 5th grader, is heavily into astronomy and knows some the material and my daughter who loves to go the National Air and Space Museum here in DC in the kids section and answer the questions about the I.S.S. (Intenational Space Station) during their presentation.  

Even with that, there were things they did not know and learned. And unlike most science curriculum they had writing with art and they were able to not feel overwhelmed when doing it. This is huge especially for my daughter. I love that they try to teach it in a note booking style so they take their own notes rather than being told what to learn. 

I imagine as we go deeper into the books and notebooks that they kids will have fun with the projects and learn more than they already know. Who knows, we could have the makings of the next astronaut!

"I love it. I am super advanced in astronomy. There are these little activities that I really like because some are where you make a tiny book and another you make a bookmark that you can literally write in. It is really cool. I really like it because it's, um, it will teach you something. I haven't felt or read a book that matched my level until now. I would like to suggest this to 8 and up. I give 4, no, 5 stars."

"Astronomy is one of my worst subjects. But it is okay. I have a really fun time doing it even though I am really bad at it. It is really fun. Anyways, they have a fun project that is fun and awesome. It is just that I have a hard time actually writing the stuff down and doing it. That's it. Via Out!" 

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Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition Review

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