Friday, September 16, 2016

Den 6 Pack 33 General Timeline for Earning Rank

This is for my boy scouts in Den 6 Pack 33. We have a very busy year ahead of us. There will be much to do and because the boys bridge over in March, it is a very packed year!

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 If your son didn't go to Camp Ross, please make sure that your son attends as much as humanly possible to make sure he makes rank. 

An important question  I got already was: "Will my son move on to the boy scout troop if he doesn't make rank?" The simple answer is yes! But please do as much as you can so they get the most out of it. 

Looking forward to an awesome year! 

General Timeline for Earning Rank
(everything movable of course)

September: Scouting Adventure (3)/Build It
  • Start patrols for the year
  • Boys set their own rules (like at Ross)
  • Choosing a medium to document their last year for LBLF (for Feb and CrossOver)
  • Cyber Chip and YPT (I may want to do this in a meeting esp if we can access wifi because I don’t want to chase parents to have their kids to do this and we still have those that have not done it for Web I). This can get it out of the way and even be done in patrols-- it is required to re-earn it every year
  • Build it-- 8 October!

October: Camper (two camp outs, fall pack campout and Web Weekend)/Into the Woods
  • Lee planning the last requirement for them to get it-- planting a tree

November: Building a Better World (perfect around election time)
  • 1-4 Perfect for around election time
  • 5 is done at home
  • 6-9 They will need to do in a meeting and plan on their own
  • 10 I will try to see if there a scout from another part of the world to connect to

December: Scouting Adventure
  • 1-- law and oath will be done from memory from now on at meetings
  • Boys that went to ross did 1a-c and e but we will do it again
  • 2 is visiting the troop
  • 3 we will start in September and function as a patrol for the year?
  • 4 troop camp out? Maybe Jan or Dec?
  • 5 Rope skills done in meeting
  • 6 whittling chip- most have this but will refresh rules

January:Fix It/Maestro
  • Work on the pins to get the the rank
  • Fix It- I really love the idea of this one, not sure how to implement as a group but we could use the month to do this one
  • Maestro- Karin and Jonathan have volunteered to do this but not sure when I talked to them so I follow up

February: Duty to God/Looking back Looking Forward
This also I feel is taken lightly but can be done tactfully in a den meeting with one hw assignment to ensue this doesn’t hold them back from rank
  • 2a) at home
  • 2b we can do I feel as a group and foster tolerance of different faiths and show how we are different but all united-- this is great because you have to relate scout law to one’s spiritual beliefs
  • 2e- can this be scout sunday? Or things like when we did the vigil?
  • Lee and Victoria will help lead parts of Looking back looking forward pin.
  • Lee will do 1 (history of scouting and how to archive the history of scouting)
  • Victoria will help the boys with a journey in their past 5 years of scouting plus creating their own time capsule that they will be able to open in their last years of the troop

March- Last Den Party then Cross Over

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